Afternoon Tea | Blacker Hall Farm

Now, I'm a big, big Afternoon Tea fan. It's one of my favourite things to do and such a treat! I don't have them often, but when I do, damn I'm the happiest person on the planet. I know, afternoon tea can be a little expensive but in my experience you always get so much food your stomach is bursting by the end of it.

There's one afternoon tea I've been desperate to try for a while. Blacker Hall farm is only a few minutes down the road from me and whilst I've been here plenty of times for breakfast, lunch or just a cup of tea and a scone, I've never tried the afternoon tea. I've often seen it being carried out to other customers and watch with heart eyes as it goes passed. Well, today I finally tried it! And, spoiler alert, it did not dissapoint. My mother in law invited me to go with some of the family to take advantage of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme and of course I absolutely jumped at the chance. 

We love Blacker Hall and feel very lucky to have it just down the road. It's a farm shop and there is a butchers, deli and bakery on site as well as a little florist and gift shop in the courtyard. The Barn Kitchen prides itself on it's great tasting, local and seasonal Yorkshire food. It is, as you may have guessed from the name, a barn converted in to a cafe and it's just beautiful! Think exposed brick, wooden beams and large glass windows letting in plenty of light. 

With Covid-19, there was easy access to hand sanitiser and the tables were very well spaced apart and everything was really well thought out. Every time I've been here the servers are always so smiley, friendly and welcoming.

There are three different afternoon tea options on the menu. Afternoon Tea, which included a slection of finger sandwhiches along with scones and desserts. High Tea, which swaps out the sandwhiches for pork pies, sausage roll, quiche and salad. And the Garden Tea which is a vegan option. 
We were quickly served our teas and coffees of choice and ordered our choice of afternoon tea. We could each have our own individual ones or share an afternoon tea for two, so it didn't matter that there was an odd number of us. 

High Tea For 2 Includes:
2 pork pie pieces, 2 warm sausage roll slices, 2 pieces of smoked salmon and red pepper quiche, blue cheese, sourdough and butter, apple chutney, salad, coleslaw, pickled onions.
2 blueberry scones, 2 fruit scones, clotted cream, jam, 2 slices of Yorkshire Tea loaf with Wensleydale and honey.
2 gin, raspberry and pistachio cheesecakes, 2 chocolate tortes with salted caramel and nougatine, 2 passionfruit curd tarts with elderflower and Italian meringue.
Phew, that's a heck of a lot of food.
Oh, and the drinks are refillable!

Honestly, the whole thing was stunning! The warm sausage roll was a particular favourite of mine. It was packed with flavour and warm flakey pastry was just delicious. I really liked the added touch of sourdough and salad that came separate.  The little desserts were incredibly indulgent but also light and not stodgy which I loved... as the last thing you want after all that pastry and scones is stodgy desserts. Speaking of scones, you get two each in this afternoon tea! I've never had an afternoon tea before where you get two scones each and gosh were they incredible! I bloody love a scone but the blueberry one was especially delicious and that clotted cream... oh my! 

There wasn't a single person on our table that didn't take some of their afternoon tea home in a box. The waitress wasn't surprised at all and had boxes quickly ready to go for us, so I imagine it's a common occurrence. Honestly, who can eat two scones in one sitting? I mean, I wanted to, it was just so delicious, but I couldn't. There is so much food I could barely finish my pot of tea.

All in all a delicious experience, and even better that it was half the usual price. I highly recommend taking full advantage!

Adel x