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The Friday Five | Where I've Been

For quite some time now (I'm unwilling to state the exact length of said time, for shame) I have neglected this blog, my Instagram, Twitter and basically the internet and the community. The last month, potentially two, has been hectic for me. I think it's quite common to take a bit of time off, and it was very necessary, so my no means is this an apology. Although I do hope you have missed me! I'm taking this weeks Friday Five to explain where I've been and what's been going on without delving too deep in to too many details as I could probably write a novel about the last 2 months. Honestly, I had planned on trying to vlog the entire move but the whole thing has been so stressful that I didn't even once think of picking up my camera. Maybe I will film a house tour once the last box has been unpacked.

1. We sold our house and bought a new one - things did not go smoothly. If you do follow me on social media, you will probably know that we sold our house at the …

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