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Why we cancelled our wedding and started from scratch

So here's the thing, when we first got engaged I obviously scoured Pinterest for the all the dreamiest of wedding inspo, and immediately started planning the wedding I thought I wanted, the wedding I thought I should be having. I started to get carried away in some kind of weird wedding bubble where money was apparently infinite and the end product would be total Pinterest goals.  We booked our venue and I had all these grand plans, it was going to look beautiful, perfect and was basically the stuff my dreams were made of. By this point I'd spent hours upon hours researching and pinning and coming up with a billion and one fancy ideas to make this wedding look beautiful. So Gareth and I sat down to work out the logistics of it and basically start buying/hiring stuff. After compiling a spreadsheet I looked at the end figure of an estimated cost, and while it wasn't *that* expensive in the world of weddings, my stomach dropped and I felt sick. That night we had a pretty big…

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