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How I Quit My Foundation Addiction | La Roche Posay BB Blur Review

For a long time I opted for heavy weight matte foundations, a habit that started in my teens. Excess oil, hormones and a lack of a decent skincare routine resulted in plenty of blemishes and foundation eating pores.
Over the years my skincare routine has slowly improved and my collection of oil combatting clay masks has grown. Blemishes are few and far between and while I've been left with a little scarring/hyperpigmentation, my skin is fairly clear compared to how it used to be. Still oily, but better managed. This said, my foundation tastes never changed. I still couldn't bring myself to stray from those heavy coverage bases, such as Estee Lauder Double Wear which I wore on a daily basis.
That thick layer of foundation was my comfort blanket, a layer of protection for a young girl struggling to face the world with confidence. Anxiety of stepping out on my own,  the fear of being judged, ruled my life and somehow that heavy face of make up made me feel like I could just about…

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