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Wedding Update | #1

'How's the wedding planning coming along?' A common question I now experience in my daily life. A question I struggle to answer. 'Wedding planning? Sorry, wedding planning? Oh right, yeah. The wedding. Well, it's ages away yet.'
The thing is, when we first got engaged, I was all for the wedding planning. I had friends and family buying me cute stationery. I bought myself magazines and started (continued my already existing) Wedding Pinterest board. At the time, our wedding date was a full 2 years away. Life got busy, and wedding planning has took a complete backseat. Now we're a year and 3 months away and friends and family are telling me that that's not a long time and I need to get a rocket up my behind and get things sorted. So what I've got sorted? What's left to do?

The Date, Time and Venue

The first things we sorted, of course. We knew the date we wanted straight away. We met on September 13 2007 and got engaged on September 13 2017, so id…

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