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For quite some time now (I'm unwilling to state the exact length of said time, for shame) I have neglected this blog, my Instagram, Twitter and basically the internet and the community. The last month, potentially two, has been hectic for me. I think it's quite common to take a bit of time off, and it was very necessary, so my no means is this an apology. Although I do hope you have missed me! I'm taking this weeks Friday Five to explain where I've been and what's been going on without delving too deep in to too many details as I could probably write a novel about the last 2 months. Honestly, I had planned on trying to vlog the entire move but the whole thing has been so stressful that I didn't even once think of picking up my camera. Maybe I will film a house tour once the last box has been unpacked.

1. We sold our house and bought a new one - things did not go smoothly.
If you do follow me on social media, you will probably know that we sold our house at the beginning of June and bought a new one. We decided to move from Stockport back to South/West Yorkshire - both mine and Gareth's home town. We sold our house for over asking price (yay!) and bought our new home for under asking price (double yay!). Everything seemed to be going our way... until 6 months down the line, we still haven't moved and our buyers are basically telling us to GTFO. So to cut a very long story short we ended up having a week to pack up and get out of our old house with no new house to move in to, or we'd risk losing the sale and therefore our onward purchase. 

2. We ended up living with my parents
Due to the short notice of us moving out, and also the lack of anywhere to move to, we couldn't book a removal company in time. Gareth's family made numerous trips over 4 days from Barnsley to Stockport and back in a bid to shift the entire contents of our 2 bed semi. It was a bit of nightmare and not the organised and efficient process I had imagined. Things ended up getting bunged in to random boxes and all our belongings got scattered between 3 different houses and garages. I will be eternally grateful to Gareth's family for not only getting us moved but for also saving us costs and harbouring all our crap for us. For just over a week we ended up living with my parents with some very basics packed in a suitcase. It was difficult to live any kind of structured or normal life and all week I felt very lost.

3. We cared for my dad
During the week at my parents, my mum went on holiday with my auntie. My dad is fairly ill and needs some one to help him with most every day tasks so for the most part it worked out well that we ended up living with him for that week. I love my dad beyond words, but I can't lie, it wasn't the easiest week. Any excessive noise or anything out of his usual routine can make him panic and make his condition much worse - so between me, Gareth, our two dogs and half of our belongings shoved in the front room, it wasn't the best situation for anyone and I think we all felt a high amount of stress. But we got through it and it was actually nice getting to spend a good chunk of time being home with dad. 

4. We moved in to our new house
On Halloween we finally moved in to our new house. As soon as we picked up the keys and drove down the street I was instantly filled with joy. Our new house is in a lovely community up on a hill with gorgeous views of the moors and country park. On the day we moved in all the street signs had been changed to halloween themed names such as 'Ghouls Way, Bats Cave, Vampire's Cloak' etc. Most people's houses were decorated amazingly and I was properly in my element - I can't wait to see what happens at Christmas here! I really wanted to get a photo but just didn't get chance. Move day was so busy as we had to make numerous trips to and from all the houses our belongings were at and by the time we had chance to take a breath and sit down for a brew and some fish and chips (had to be done) it was around 9pm! On the day of the move we had a leak under the kitchen sink which ended up having a very simple solution to it, and a few other minor issues which were easily sorted. 

5. All the unpacking
We've spent the past two weeks unpacking boxes, forcing large sofas up narrow staircases and mostly shopping in a bid to fill up our home with the things we need. We've painted, picked out new carpets and rugs and treated ourselves to a divine new bed and mattress. We've had 3 trips to Ikea so far and will definitely need at least one more when we get to the what I'm calling 'finishing touches' stage.  We waited ages for our internet to get connected up and in the meantime I ran out of data on my mobile and was unwilling to splash out on extra on top of my contract. The amount of flat pack we've put together makes me never want to see another screw ever again. But finally we're at a stage when yes, there are still some boxes lying around, yes there are some walls that still need painting and some carpets I will *eventually want to replace*. Not a single room is finished in a way that I would love it to be, but we can't afford to do everything all at once. And for the most part, we're 80% unpacked and 100% happy and settled in to our new home. 

I've honestly never felt happier anywhere. The house is so perfect - I even have a studio room ready to set up for my photography and put the skills I learned in the newborn workshop to practice. The community we live in is so lovely, we've met a fair few of our neighbours and everyone has been so kind and welcoming. All we have to do is cross the road to get in to fields and paths of beautiful countryside for dog walks. There's a few local pubs and micro-breweries (dog friendly of course). We've tried the local indian takeaway and it's incredible! Plus we're only a half an hour drive from both Leeds and Sheffield. Our families are nearby and most importantly, these brick walls that surround us feel safe, warm and completely like we're meant to be here. We really couldn't be happier. 

So now that the move is almost fully over, I can't wait to get started on some home related and of course Christmas content. See you in my next post and thank you for being patient with me!

- Adel xx


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