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For a long time now, newborn photography has been something I've wanted to get in to. On those late night discussions with friends when we'd get all profound over a few glasses of wine, we'd discuss our jobs and futures. I'd always talk about photography and how I'd love it to be a career for me, in particular newborn photography. It's such a creative and fun form of portraiture and not to mention completely adorable. 

Recently I've started to push my photography skills further and start doing actual shoots with actual people. I've been having so much fun doing them and I love sitting down to edit and actually feeling a little unfamiliar tingle of pride at the finished images. So I finally decided to take the plunge and get myself booked on a Newborn Photography Workshop that I'd been umm-ing and ahh-ing over for the best part of a year. Luckily the studio was super close to my house, but people had travelled from up and down the country to come to the course and I totally see why.

Sandra and Sarah were the two ladies running the day. Sandra was there for all things camera and lighting, with Sarah helping us get to grips with all the posing and safety techniques. They were both genuinely lovely, instantly making you feel relaxed and like no question was too stupid. The group was a maximum of 6 mentees, all at varying levels of ability, and everyone got plenty of time, patience and support.

Over the course of the day we had two newborn models to photograph and we utilised different props and poses with each baby. We learned how to soothe, wrap and pose baby safely as well as set up the best angles and lighting for images.

I honestly came away from the day feeling like I'd learned so much. Not just about newborn photography but photography in general too. I'm feeling quite confident in my own skills and ability which is something I've always lacked and that's always held me back from trying to achieve the things I want to.

While I'm a little nervous for my first solo newborn shoot, which is planned for November/December depending on when baby decides to make her appearance, I'm equally as excited to get going and putting my new skills in to practice!

If you've been a regular reader or follow me on Instagram you'll be well aware that Gareth and I have recently sold our house and should be moving in to our new one within the next few weeks. I'm so excited because the new house is much bigger and there's a room I've already got pegged as my studio. I really can't wait to get it all set up and slowly build up my collection of props for some really fun and creative newborn shoots.

All the images I've shared in this post were taken by myself on the day of the workshop, and edited by myself.


  1. These pictures are amazing and so cute! Well done for taking the jump and getting yourself on track for what you really want to do. Newborn photography is so trendy and niche, such a great thing to get into! Congrats on your first booking, too, and good luck 🧡

    Beka |


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