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This weeks TFF is one I can't wait to share with you. Honestly, smoke is coming from my finger tips I'm typing with such enthusiasm. KillingEve is a show that aired quite a while ago in America and is finally coming to the UK this weekend. I know this is a bold statement, but this might be my favourite show of all time. When the show Dexter was first airing I was obsessed, couldn't stop telling people about it and claimed it was my favourite show ever. Since then, there have been shows that I've loved or still do love (I'm a big telly enthusiast, if that isn't obvious) but nothing has got me as excited as Dexter used to. Until KillingEve came along. I love this show. It's the best thing I've watched in a very long time and has me feeling all the feelings. So here are 5 reasons why you should watch it when it airs this Saturday on BBC 1 at 9.15pm.

1. The Premise
The show is about Eve, an M15 spy, tracking down Villanelle, a female assassin. I'd describe it as a crime drama and psychological thriller. Villanelle starts off as a complete mystery to Eve. As the show goes on, Eve becomes obsessed and infatuated with Villanelle and so did I, as the viewer. It's dark, intense, funny and emotional. Basically it's everything I love in a TV show and it had me gripped right until the very last second. Season 2 cannot come quick enough.

2. The humour
For a dark, sometimes a little gruesome (not too bad for those worried about any gore), show about an assassin and a spy, it goes from bum hole puckering intensity to laugh out loud within in minutes. Written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) the humour is dark and quirky and the delivery can so deadpan. It's just brilliant and Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a genius. A genius!

3. Jodie Comer/Villanelle
Villanelle, the female assassin, is my absolute favourite in the show. She had me completely enchanted and terrified at the same time. In between the merciless killings and selfish decisions come moments of vulnerability, emotion and an incredibly endearing playfulness. Jodie Comer's performance is just mesmerising and I can't wrap my head around the lack of Emmy nomination. I've seen and loved Jodie in My Mad Fat Diary, Thirteen and Doctor Foster but wow, she completely transforms as Villanelle and I can't rave enough about her!

4. Sandra Oh
Another female lead comes in the form of Sandra Oh. For her role as Eve, she's the first female of Asian decent to be nominated for Best Actress at the Emmys. Her character Eve is so relatable and you definitely go along on this journey with her, completely infatuated and confused by said infatuation with Villanelle. Every emotion she feels, you feel. An incredible part played by and incredible lady.

5. The locations
As Villanelle gets given assignments all around Europe and Eve starts tracking her down, we follow. With the action happening in such beautiful settings as Tuscany and Paris, it only adds to the enchantment of the whole show and of Villanelle's seemingly extravagant and super bad ass lifestyle.

Honestly, I could talk forever about KillingEve and how incredible this show is. I recommend it to anyone who will listen and I dare you to not fall in love with it as much as I have. You can watch the trailer here.

KillingEve, BBC1, 9.15pm - be there!

- Adel xx


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