The Friday Five | YouTube Channels

For this week's TFF I'm sharing with you the 5 YouTube channels I've recently discovered/am currently watching a lot of.

Gareth introduced me to this channel and it's become a bit of a nightly routine for us to watch any of Adam's new uploads. He's a competitive eater and often takes on food challenges on his channel and it's just fascinating to watch. He's also from my neck of the woods so of course I'll always support a fellow Yorkshireman. 

I discovered this channel a few months ago when I happened upon a video of Claire making gourmet Kit Kats. I've become a bit obsessed with this channel since then and particularly enjoy Brad's It's Alive Series, the Gourmet Makes Series and all the Kids Try videos. I also love the Tries to Keep up with a Professional Chef videos. Basically I just love this channel and can't get enough of it.

Not a new discovery but I've definitely been gravitating to Amy's channel a lot recently, even to watch old videos as well as new uploads. Amy is so lovely and relatable and her vlogs in particular make me feel home-y and cosy. Her interior and clothing style is quite similar to my own so I love her hauls too. An all round lovely lady! Also her dogs are adorable.

I've been a big fan of Sophie's ASMR channel for a long time now. So when she started her vlog channel of course I was there for it. Sophie is so sweet and lovely and very honest. Her vlogs, hauls and un-boxings are fun to watch and I'm just really loving her channel at the minute. I love watching people I feel like I could be friends with in real life and both Sophie and Amy definitely seem like the kind of people I would love to know.

Again, not a new discovery but a channel I've recently been watching a lot more of/been making an effort to keep up with. They describe themselves as a channel that explains things with 'optimistic nihilism' and wanting to 'make science beautiful'. The videos are incredibly interesting, insightful and educational. They explain complex things in a simple way. The animation is beautiful and makes everything easy to understand. It makes you think about life and the universe. Although some videos may give you a bit of an existential crisis!

If you watch and like any of these let me know. And any other channel recommendations you think I might like are always welcome.

Happy weekend!

- Adel xx


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