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Hand's up who's guilty of neglecting their body skin? Me. I am. I mean, when it comes my facial skin care I wouldn't dream of not taking care of it. I cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise religiously. But the rest of my skin doesn't get quite them same loving treatment - just a good old lather up with some Imperial Leather (the Marshmallow one is my fave). But when it comes to anything more than that, I can be a bit lax. I reckon we're all probably a bit guilty of it. But with the weather being hot and my legs being permanently out, I realised I should probably put a bit more effort in to looking after my skin. 

My first mission was to find a body scrub I liked.  I wanted a salt or sugar scrub that felt not too runny or too thick, and had a gorgeous summery/fruit flavour. After spending a good few hours in Boots sniffing out all my options I found that the Being by Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub in Chilli Mango and Tonka Bean (£9 in boots but currently on sale for £6.75) ticked all the boxes. It has both salt and sugar grains and the texture is perfect, not too goopy and easy to apply. Anything with Tonka Bean in I usually adore, it's lovely and sweet and right up my street. That coupled with the Mango is such a fresh and fruity smell. I'm not fully sure if I can smell the chilli part, but perhaps that is what stops it from being too sickly sweet. They have quite a few different scent combinations and they all smelled delicious so, it's whatever is your personal taste really. I'm already on my second tub of this so obviously I really like it. They have matching products in the same scents too - a body wash, bath soak and body butter so you can match up all to the same scent. I'm definitely considering getting the bath soak to match!

The body scrub so easy to scoop out and scrub either with barehands or I like to use exfoliating gloves for extra ease. After the shower my skin feels brilliantly smooth and silky and not at all dried out or irritated considering the amount of scrubbing I just did it! As it has Shea butter in too, my skin feels so soft and I could probably get away with not moisturising afterwards. Which is an absolute pet peeve of mine. I absolutely hate getting out of the shower and slathering myself in thick moisturiser and feeling a weird combination of damp and sticky. Which brings me on to my next purchase. 

The Body Shop Body Yogurt in Mango (£8.50 and available in loads of different scents). I saw a lot of hype around these when the first came out and loved the idea of them. To be honest, I've purchased endless body butters in the past, all with good intentions, but within a few weeks it becomes a bit of a chore. You know like when you think about washing your hair and then remember how long it takes you to dry it? Thank god for dry shampoo, heh. But Body Yogurts intrigued me with their fast absorbing claim. I finally got around to going in and giving them all a sniff and plumped for the Mango option. It smells so fresh and fruity and obviously the mango scent goes with my body scrub so that pleased me. 

The texture of this is sort of gel like and not really like anything I've used before. Not runny enough to be a lotion or thick enough to be a butter, somewhere in between. It's super easy to glide across the skin and a small bit easily covers quite a big section. Just like it says on the tin (tub) it does actually absorb super fast. None of that stood around awkwardly waiting to not feel like a giant glue stick. It smells divine and the scent definitely lingers for a decent amount of time. Best of all, my skin feels so super soft I can't stop gently caressing myself... or is that weird to say? Hah. As per the advice I had from the lovely man in the shop, I keep mine in the fridge which is absolute godsend in this heat. My skin is like 'OMG thank yoouuu!'. Heaven.

So that's it. The two body care products I've recently been using and enjoying. And I'm determined to keep the good routine up this time.

- Adel xx


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