Wedding Update | #1

'How's the wedding planning coming along?' A common question I now experience in my daily life. A question I struggle to answer. 'Wedding planning? Sorry, wedding planning? Oh right, yeah. The wedding. Well, it's ages away yet.'
The thing is, when we first got engaged, I was all for the wedding planning. I had friends and family buying me cute stationery. I bought myself magazines and started (continued my already existing) Wedding Pinterest board. At the time, our wedding date was a full 2 years away. Life got busy, and wedding planning has took a complete backseat. Now we're a year and 3 months away and friends and family are telling me that that's not a long time and I need to get a rocket up my behind and get things sorted. So what I've got sorted? What's left to do?

The Date, Time and Venue

The first things we sorted, of course. We knew the date we wanted straight away. We met on September 13 2007 and got engaged on September 13 2017, so ideally we would have loved a September 13 date. We didn't want to do it in a year, as we had plans to potentially move in 2018 (which is now happening!) so knew realistically we wouldn't have the money or time for a wedding that year. So 2019 it was. Now, if you look at the day of the week which September 13 falls on in 2019 - it's a Friday. Friday the 13th. Now, I don't necessarily believe that Friday the 13th is an 'unlucky' day. I am the kind of person however, that salutes magpies and doesn't walk under ladders. ( have my mother to thank for these habits. Is it really 7 years bad luck if you break a mirror? I truly doubt it but honestly, I wouldn't like to chance it. And same goes with having a wedding on Friday the 13th, it just seems a little too much like tempting fate. Plus we'd have to ask people to book time off work and we know a few people (teachers etc) that would find that near on impossible. So in the end we went with Saturday the 14th, close enough.

Booking to look at venues was the first real bit of wedding planning we did, and we did it in the first month of being engaged. We both knew we wanted to keep the wedding small -not too many guests, just the important people- and that we wanted an intimate relaxed wedding venue, somewhere casual with no packages or strict vendor options. My dream was some kind of rustic barn, and of course we wanted it to be dog friendly so our fur babies could be part of the day. After hours of trawling the internet I quickly realised that most places either had packages you HAD to use or a list of vendors that you HAD to pick from. There were very little venues in the area we were looking that gave you complete freedom. Eventually we narrowed it down to two venues and went to see both of them within days of each other. Eventually we chose Woodlane Countryside Centre in Sheffield. It was affordable, flexible, dog friendly and had our date available. We loved that we had the whole site to ourselves for the day and would be able to pretty much anything we wanted with the space. I adored the beams and exposed brick in the main room, such a beautiful and intimate space. I also loved the garden space and we've toyed with having the ceremony out there if the weather allows. I'm also thinking I want a bouncy castle - can you tell this wedding isn't going to be all that formal?

We've booked our registrar for the Ceremony to begin at 3pm and don't plan to have a formal sit down dinner, so we can go out of the ceremony and in straight in to the fun stuff.

The Photographers

After days, maybe even weeks, of searching I narrowed it down to a few people who's style I liked. And then I showed Gareth, and he didn't like any of them. Honestly, I thought this was the area that I was going to be the pickiest, but that award definitely went to Gareth. And one day as I engaged in my usual morning scroll through Instagram, I fell upon The Struths. I flicked through some of their images and loved what I saw.  I just had a feeling. I was so excited for Gareth to get home so I could show him, and he absolutely loved them too, thank goodness! (Honestly at this point if he'd have said no the wedding might have been off). Kimmy and Ant seem so lovely, their style is laid back and fun - exactly what we want our wedding to be. 


The band was a difficult one. I had no idea where to even begin looking. We wanted a band to get the evening started and then planned to playlist it from there. We knew we wanted something kind of chilled but fun too - perhaps an acoustic set but up beat to get people dancing. We'd almost given up hope to be honest. Prices were a lot more than I was expecting and I was all but ready to give up on the idea. But then by the act of random fate, an Ad popped up on my Facebook for a duo named Marc and Abi. They were the exact kind of style we were looking for and I was over the moon to have found them. Even better - they provide a DJ set for the rest of the evening for just a little bit more money so that's took the stress off completely!

Theme / Decor

In terms of theme, there isn't one. Unless 'Laid back and fun' counts as a theme. And we haven't got much sorted in the way of decor either. I just happened to be in Aldi the other day and found all the wedding bits featured in the photos for super cheap. Copper string fairy lights, peg fairy lights, white paper bunting, rose gold letter bunting and wooden signs - all for mere pounds! I can't remember the exact prices but I remember being so chuffed with myself compared to prices I'd seen on some websites. I kind of just went in blindly and picked up a bunch of stuff I liked.
Gareth and I have been saving all our empty gin bottles since we got engaged, and I'm going to use them to put flowers in on the tables. We also asked family to save any gin bottles they might have too. Honestly, we've been engaged now for 9 months and I'm pretty sure we've got more than enough! Although I won't admit that out loud because it's the perfect excuse to drink more gin.

 And that's it. Everything we've got sorted so far. It's so far away at the moment that it feels quite surreal, like it's not really happening. I know it's going to creep up on me and as soon as we get the house move out of the way I'm going to go in to full on wedding mode!

- Adel xx


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