The Friday Five | This Weeks Stress

So things have been a little quiet over here at the minute. There's been a so much going on I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water! So for this weeks TFF I thought I would share 5 things that have been giving me stress this week.

1. Estate Agents
Having decided to move back to Yorkshire (a Yorkshire gal in Manc was never going to last that long, was it) we're trying to sell our house, and also buy another house (obvs). I feel like I've spent every last spare second of the last few weeks on the phone to various different estate agents or anxiously waiting a call back. 

2. Glossing. 
In particular, glossing the bannister. Glossing is the devil. A dust magnetic-never drying-pain in the arse devil. 

3. The house in general
We had to get it ready to be valued, then even more ready to be photographed for the brochure. What an incredibly laborious procedure. How have I managed to accumulate so much stuff?! Just stuff. Every where, stuff. Trying to make the house look 'big, clutter free and spacious' was a difficult job which mostly involved hastily shoving things in cupboards and drawers and now I can't find anything. Why can't I just be about that minimalist life? But no, I've clearly got hoarding tendencies. Moving should be fun then.

4. Wed-min
Wedding admin has had to take a back seat while all the house stuff is going on. It's not the wed-min itself that is giving me stress, but actually the lack of it. Must make some time to sit down and get some things organised!

5. Job searching
A move back to Yorkshire means I will be out of a job, and the sooner I get one the better, mainly for mortgage reasons. Job searching can be so disheartening sometimes. Also, why did I spend hours making my CV look good just to fill in an application form with all the same information?? Annoying.

Right, now all that is off my chest... here's to a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!

- Adel xx


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