The Friday Five | Netflix shows I'm currently watching

 Santa Clarita Diet
I loved the first season so much and so far I'm enjoying the second season even more.

Call the Midwife
Re-watching, always. Crying, always. Feeling warm and thankful, always.

The Great British Bake Off
Of course when the old seasons were added to Netflix it become my mission to make my way through them all again (how weird is it watching the first ever season?!)

Jane The Virgin
Constantly craving new episodes of this show. There will never be enough Jane The Virgin in my life, I hope it never ends and runs for eternity.

Friday Night Dinner
I watched and looooved this show when it aired. I'm so happy it's on Netflix now so I can have a little chuckle any time I need to.
 'SHIT ON IT!'  
If you haven't watched the show, don't worry I haven't just lost my mind, it's a reference. 

- Adel xx


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