Tarte Shape Tape Matte | Foundation and Concealer Review

Ever since the first review I read on their Amazonian Clay foundation, Tarte has been a brand on my lust list. As I watched more amazing sounding products and incredibly beautiful palettes filter their way on to my social media feeds, my desire to adventure in to the brand grew, but it wasn't so easily accessible in the UK and honestly, my budget didn't have much room for what I considered to be a bit of a make up indulgence. 

I read so many good things about the Shape Tape range when it initially launched, and after my first pay day in my new job I had a bit of a crazed moment, when I lost all my inhibitions and went on what I can only describe as an indulgent online shopping rampage. I finally bought the GHD's I've been lusting after for years, I treated myself to some pretty now clothes that I normally wouldn't allow myself, and I took a plunge and bought both the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation and Concealer. In a very uncharacteristic move, I didn't bother to read any latest reviews, I just popped the things in my basket and pressed 'pay' without even thinking about it. I have no idea where my self restraint disappeared to that night. That little voice that often says 'no, think of the money, you can't have these things, you should feel guilty for being so frivolous' had took a vacation. And I'm quite glad it did! And I'm kinda wishing I'd treated myself to an eyeshadow palette while I was at it. 

The Foundation

I purchased the matte version in the shade Fair Neutral (swatches below). Perhaps a little more pink toned than I had realised, but actually quite a suitable match for me.

 Just incase I haven't mentioned (please read that in a voice thick with sarcasm) or you're new here - I have large pores and oily skin. I recently wrote a blog post on How I Quit My Foundation Habit - talking about how I've ditched foundation on a day to day basis. But having become recently engaged I've made it my mission to try loads of new foundations before the wedding in the hopes of finding that miracle product that is going make my oily skin look great for the whole day. 

I've tried this foundation with my trusty Max Factor Facefinity primer and without any primer at all. It's matte without looking thick or cakey and the medium coverage is ideal for hiding pigmentation and without giving my face the 'mask' look. I can't say I've noticed it sticking to any dry patches (I always have them around my nostrils) which is great. I have noticed however, that around late afternoon, it does appear to separate slightly on my T-zone due to my oiliness, which obviously isn't ideal.  

 I know some people don't like the applicator due to hygiene reasons, but actually I find it quite convenient to use. The large doe foot applicator doesn't hold too much product so I don't end up dispensing excessive amounts like I often do with a pump and wasting product. It's easy to just dab around the face and then go in with a brush and blend. I haven't tried this with a sponge yet, but my Real Techniques expert face brush seems to do a pretty nice job.

I do really like the foundation, it applies nicely and has great coverage without being cakey. Although it does far better than some other foundations in combatting my oiliness it's also not the best either. I plan to experiment more with different primers and setting powders and see if I can find a combination that makes this foundation stay perfect all day. If you've got any suggestions I'd be hugely grateful.

The Concealer

Rather than choosing the shade Fair Neutral in the concealer, I opted for Fair instead (swatches below). I usually use concealer to brighten and cover up extra stubborn redness and I often tend to favour a slightly more yellow tone, which is exactly what I got. The concealer is a very similar texture and consistency to the foundation, although a little thicker with obviously a higher level of coverage. 

I mainly use concealer under my eyes, down my nose and on my chin. Although I've only used this a few times up until now, I did notice that the concealer seemed to crease in to fine lines under my eyes. But like I mentioned with the foundation, perhaps a better setting powder is in order. Again, something I will experiment with. But aside from this, I really love the coverage and colour of the concealer and plan to keep playing around with it.

The Swatches

Having only used both products a couple of times so far, I'm pretty happy with them. The coverage is exactly what I wanted, not to heavy but still decent. They're easy to work with and blend out and do a good job at keeping my skin matte for a decent amount of time. As mentioned, the longevity isn't the best I've tried on my oily skin but I'm definitely going to play around with primers and powders so please send over your recommendations!

- Adel xx


  1. loved this post, your photos are amazing! I've been wanting to try this concealer for so long but I'm too scared of the customs charges to order! by the sounds of things, I have the exact same skin problems as you aka dreaded oil!!! I've heard amazing things about the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray for keeping make up in place all day and night so maybe it would be worth a try! it's definitely on my list of things to buy anyway xxx

    Julia | https://stylewithblondeambition.co.uk


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