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For a good few years, the topic of getting another puppy has cropped up quite often in our house. We have a 5 year old dog Charlie - a Lhasa Apso, Chihuaha cross. You've probably seen him around on here Instagram, seeing as I find him impossibly cute every single day and can't stop taking photos of him. We've had him since a pup, and while it was a huge decision to make, it's the best one we ever made! For a while now, we've been worried that maybe he gets a little bored, mooching around the house. Sure we take him on walks and give him plenty of love and attention, but we've always liked the idea of him having a sibling, a play mate.  For some reason, this decision felt like an even bigger step than when we chose to get Charlie. Another dog.... what would that mean? Charlie is the most placid and docile dog you could meet (except if you're a delivery man, soz). He's so chilled out all the time that we call him a grumpy old man, maybe he wouldn't take so well to an excitable puppy joining our fam. We have so many family members and friends practically queueing up to look after when we go on holiday, everyone loves him. Would we have so many willing volunteers if it meant them looking after 2 dogs while we jet off somewhere sunny for a week? That feels like a big ask. We feel so lucky with Charlie, he's such a good boy! The best boy. He's well behaved, obedient, doesn't fuss or pester.  Granted, we did put a lot of time and effort in to training him when he was a pup but his temperament is just the sweetest - what if we didn't get so lucky with the next pup?

We had so many worries and unanswered questions. For years we put it off, not sure if it was the rigth thing to do. But the topic would always come back up, really, we knew what we wanted to do. We talked it over and this time we we're both in agreement. So at  the begging of January we went to see some puppies. We met all the puppies and their parents and their human owners! They explained to us that the two family dogs had had puppies and they were initially going to keep them all but decided 5 puppies was a bit too many! We stayed in their house for well over an hour, chatting to the owners and playing with the puppies. Then up jumped a tiny little girl, on to my lap. She settled straight down and fell straight asleep. It was a precious moment. I looked up at Gareth with a face that said 'she's the one' and he looked back at me with the exact same expression.

So the day before my birthday, straight after we arrived back from our trip to Keswick, we brought our little pup home. Luna is 3/4 Chihuahua and 1/4 Yorkshire Terrier - although she basically just looks full Chihuahua. We'd gone to Pets At Home and stocked up on the essentials, puppy pads, puppy food and a bunch of new toys. We still had Charlie's pen from when he was a pup which we had found so useful. It was basically like a crate but much bigger and folded away super neatly. She spent that first afternoon being quite and timid, unsure of her new surroundings. Charlie wasn't that happy either. He avoided even looking at her.

The next few days were rocky, she slowly came out of her shell, refused to acknowledge the puppy pads, and Charlie would growl every time she went near him.  We couldn't leave her alone for one moment, following her around and lifting her on to a puppy pad every time an accident was about to happen. My home has been slightly ransacked. We've lost two phone charger cables to her teeth, she has ruined my precious Tim Walker book on the lower shelf of my coffee table and she has made countless pulls in my gorgeous mustard knit throw on the sofa. The first week she seemed to constantly want to pee in her own bed, the washing machine must have been on at least twice a day just for puppy related mishaps. Honestly, it was hard work. I won't lie, there were moments when I cried and we both wondered if we'd made the biggest mistake.

Now, a month on, we're finally starting to settle in to some kind of normality. She's less interested in eating absolutely everything in her reach (I said less, not completely) and she has finally seemed to grasp the concept of the puppy pads (around 90%) of the time. Her personality is well and truly shining through. She's a tiny bundle of energy. She runs around until she's so overwhelmingly tired that she leaps in to your arms and falls asleep as if some one has taken her batteries out. She's incredibly inquisitive, brave and friendly. She's not scared of anything. When we have visitors she greets them with enthusiastic kisses and plenty of attention. It's funny really, as Charlie is the complete opposite.  He's happy to receive a little pat from visitors, but then he wanders off to a comfy spot away from all the action. He loves his own space. Luna has no awareness of personal boundaries, she will give perfect strangers in the waiting room at the Vets plenty of loving licks.

Talking of Charlie, he's come out of his shell a bit too. We're seeing a side to him that we didn't know he had. It took a while of Luna forcing herself upon him with that endless bouncy puppiness but eventually he caved in to a game of tug of war, and that was it, she had won him over. It couldn't have worked out better. Now they spend hours play fighting or chasing around the living room, tiring each other out until they fall asleep together. Then they wake up and play time re-commences. It's exactly what we wanted for Charlie, a best friend to play.

Like all dogs, food is her major motivator. For a milky puppy drop, she will do just about anything. She has learned 'sit' and 'paw' so far and is almost there with 'beg' and 'down'. She takes quite a few more repetitions than Charlie did before she has learned something, but I think that's just due to her abundance of energy and how easily distracted she is. She's super intelligent in her own mischievous way, if she wants something bad enough she will figure out how to get it. There have been quite a few times where we can't even be mad at her for doing something, more just impressed at her level of sheer determination.

Don't get me wrong, she's 12 weeks old, a tiny puppy still learning. We still have accidents or moments of complete misbehaviour. There are times where she will do something that just makes you put your face in your hands and feel that you're taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. But with repetition, perseverance and plenty of treats for the good stuff, we're slowly getting there.  She's still hard work and I'm still picking up her poo every morning, but god dammit she is worth it. She makes us laugh every day, and most importantly of all Charlie is happier. So now my home has two super happy fur babies in it, and what could be better than that?

- Adel xx


  1. Awwww this is LOVELY! Luna (and Charlie!) are adorable! It sounds like your hard work and patience is paying off. I'm hoping to adopt a little fur baby around July, and this post was a good reminder it won't be all plain sailing!
    Kate x

  2. She’s so adorable! So happy for you and your fur family x


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