The Friday Five | Good Things That Have Already Happened in 2018

I know everyone has kinda been bumming hard about January and everyone is celebrating the arrival of February. According to the internet January was 74 days long and we were trapped in eternal damnation. But I actually, unashamedly, love January. Yes pay day took forever to arrive, but come on January isn't all bad is it? Here are 5 great things that have already happened to me personally this year and why January wasn't so bad after all.

1. It was my birthday! The reason every year that I refuse to jump on the 'I hate January' band wagon. You can't hate your birthday month, you just can't.

2. We spent a dreamy week in The Lake District, which you can read all about here.

3. After we got back from the Lakes we picked up our new fur baby Luna, and Charlie gained a little sister. She is a bundle of bouncy energy and a none stop entertainment.

4. I handed in my notice at my current job. I'm finally heading in the direction I want to be going in,  taking a step up on the career ladder and getting a pay increase to boot! 

5. I didn't start a diet. In fact, I probably ate more in January than I did in December. Like I said, January is my birthday month. Prosecco, gin and cakes should be enjoyed in abundance, which they were. Of course I have been over indulgent and that's going to have to change now we're in February. But boy did I enjoy myself!

Here's to a great February!

- Adel xx


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