How I Quit My Foundation Addiction | La Roche Posay BB Blur Review

For a long time I opted for heavy weight matte foundations, a habit that started in my teens. Excess oil, hormones and a lack of a decent skincare routine resulted in plenty of blemishes and foundation eating pores.

Over the years my skincare routine has slowly improved and my collection of oil combatting clay masks has grown. Blemishes are few and far between and while I've been left with a little scarring/hyperpigmentation, my skin is fairly clear compared to how it used to be. Still oily, but better managed. This said, my foundation tastes never changed. I still couldn't bring myself to stray from those heavy coverage bases, such as Estee Lauder Double Wear which I wore on a daily basis.

That thick layer of foundation was my comfort blanket, a layer of protection for a young girl struggling to face the world with confidence. Anxiety of stepping out on my own,  the fear of being judged, ruled my life and somehow that heavy face of make up made me feel like I could just about get through.

As BB and CC creams started to come to the forefront of my attention, and most peoples, I dabbled a little only to be constantly disappointed by the results. My oily skin would eat them up within an hour or two, and the lack of coverage would make my already lacking confidence buckle.

As I said, as I've got older my skin and my ability to take care of it has got somewhat better. While anxiety is still a major part of my life, I think my ability to give less of a shit about what others think of me has definitely improved. Not only that, but the world of BB and CC creams have come along way. With more options, formulas and shades than ever.

It was my trip to Italy last year that spurred me on to quit daily foundation habit. With temperatures of 30 degrees + I didn't fancy walking around the beautiful sights worrying about my drippy face of make up. 

I started googling reviews for long lasting, oil combatting BB/CC creams. Time and time again the La Roche Posay Effaclar BB Blur kept cropping up. So I clicked on over to Boots and purchased myself a bottle for £16.99. Now in my book, that's quite expensive for a BB cream, but I've had really good experiences with the brand in the past, so was willing to give it a go.

I tried it a few days before we went to Italy, and while it took me a little while to get used to the difference in coverage compared to my foundation preferences, I loved it. It lasted all day at work, set with powder, and I found using this cut down the time it took me in the morning to get ready. It's so fuss free and easy to apply. I just squeeze a bit on to my fingers and spread evenly around my face. It goes on so smoothly, doesn't stick too much to dry spots and provides a coverage that even I was happy with (with some concealer in the right places). The shade fair/light was perfect for me too. Coupled with my all time favourite primer (Max Factor Facefinity) it lasted all day on me really well, and did such an amazing job at standing up to my oiliness. 

On our trip to Italy, I took this to wear in the day and a foundation for the evening. But I found myself not reaching for my foundation even once. The BB Blur and the Collection Concealer were the only base products I used the whole time we were there, even for my evening make up. I think part of it was out of sheer laziness, the BB Blur is so quick to apply and I discovered I no longer had the patience to carefully blend foundation any more, especially when I was so eager to get out and spend the evenings exploring Italy. 

When we arrived back, I kept up my BB habit. I've learned to become so much more comfortable with my skin, no longer feeling the need to cover it up with thick, heavy products.  Sometimes I opt for a foundation on weekends or nights out, but for day to day I can't see myself straying from this little beauty. I'm on my second bottle now, but you better believe I've already got a 3rd and 4th bottle tucked away in a drawer standing by for when I need them!

- Adel xx


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