Snapshots from Venice & We're Engaged!

5 Moments in Venice

The first view of the Venice from the train window is a moment I will never forget. I was taking a nap due to eating too many crisps and Gareth woke me up to check out that view as we appeared to be gliding over the surface of the sea. It was amazing and I was so excited!

Gareth being refusing to ask what flavour 'verde' gelato was, assumed it was mint (his fave), buying it, and then being thoroughly disgusted that it was apple flavour, with fresh pieces in it. Oh how I felt his disappointment... and also found it hilarious.

'Our bridge' the one was always ended up sat on. Just around the corner from our apartment, surrounded by two canals, a gelato place and a sandwich shop... both of which we quickly became regulars at. We'd take our food and sit on the steps of our little bridge and look out over the canal by both day and night and it was my favourite little spot.

Libreria Aqcua Alta - the most amazing little book shop I've ever been in. We spent ages wondering around the stacks upon stacks of old books and making friends with resident cat. I picked up a few postcards which I've brought home and framed and they'll forever remind me of the magic my heart felt and all the precious moments Gareth and I shared in Venice.

Getting lost - Honestly some of my most favourite moments from Venice were just wandering around completely aimlessly. Every corner you turned, every bridge you crossed, the view was picture perfect and like something taken directly from a postcard or out of a movie. Meandering the streets day and night (a little tipsy in the evenings) was the most magical experience. For as long as I can remember Venice has been the one place I've been desperate to visit. And I imagined that once I'd seen it I'd kind of feel 'over it'. But no, despite all the tourists at the main sights Venice has a magic that I will be forever wanting to go back to and immerse myself within. 

...and an Engagement Story

This entire trip was planned to celebrate the fact that Gareth and I have been together 10 years now. On the 13th, the exact day, we'd planned a sunset picnic on the edge of Venice. We popped to our local store and bought bread, cheeses, deli meats and prosecco and headed down to the Riva. S Biaso on the very edge of Venice and watched the sun set over the island. It was magical! Just as Gareth was building up to what I now realise was THE question, a huge party boat pulled up in the water and docked right in front of us! We gathered up our picnic in a bit of an awkward rush, as I clumsily sloshed wine all down my dress. We moved on to another little spot that was nice and quite and got back to admiring the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen. Again, just as Gareth took my hand and started to put his serious face on, we were interrupted! An Australian family came strolling along and while one kid threw himself on the floor having a paddy- the other sat scooping up dirt in to her mouth- the mum stood right in front of our perfect view and proceeded to have a mini photoshoot probs for her Instagram. As we sat feeling a bit awkward but also finding the whole thing hilarious, the mum shouted at the kids something along the lines of 'Children! Be quiet! People are trying to do romantic proposals!'. Well, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and by the look on Gareth's face he felt the same. Eventually they cleared off and Gareth FINALLY reached in to his bag and opened a box that contained the most beautiful ring I've ever seen and asked me to marry him. At this point I should probably let you know that for the entire trip, every time we were at anywhere of significance or particularly beautiful he would grab my hand and pretend to get down on his knee to wind me up! So I believe my first reaction was 'Are you joking?' which I repeated until I'd descended in to a weird laughing/crying mess in which Gareth joined me in.

Italy, particularly Venice, had been my dream for so long. To have spent such a wonderful, truly magical time in such a beautiful place with my best friend and love of my life, for it to end in the most memorable way, I feel beyond blessed. Italy will be somewhere we will always go back to, and will always fill me with warmth and happiness and a sense of magic. Venice in particular, will always have a piece of my heart.


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