Snapshots from Florence

5 Moments in Florence

Seeing the Duomo for the first time. As we wandered the streets and took in the beauty of Florence the Duomo gradually came in to view. You can turn a corner and suddenly find yourself staring up at it's magnificence. I've honestly never seen anything like it. It's beautiful and I took about a thousand pictures during out stay. We were staying just a five minute walk away so we made sure to visit it every day in an attempt to take it all in. 

If you haven't gathered by now, our favourite thing to do in Italy is to just wander around with a gelato in hand. We'd bought so much gelato from so many shops we knew the average price was around €2-3. On one particularly hot day we stopped at the nearest gelato place and didn't even think to look/ask about prices. We ordered a pot of chocolate flavour to share and as I grabbed it off the counter and began tucking in the lady asked for €9 for the pleasure! Well bloody hell,. We sat down on steps in the sunshine and as delicious as the gelato was, it tasted of regret. Okay that's slightly over dramatic, but we definitely steered clear of that shop for the rest of our time in Florence!

The walk to Piazza Michelangelo. We got up super early and enjoyed a fun stroll through the beautiful Florentine streets. We passed through the famous Mercato Nuovo, rubbed Il Porcellino's nose (for luck), crossed the quirky and beautiful Ponte Vecchio and made our way up the many, many, steps to the Piazza Michelangelo. We spent ages at the top absorbing the spectacular view of Florence.

Before we came to Italy I had dreams of sitting on rooftops, wine in hand, watching sun sets over spectacular views. After a big of Googling I read about Caffe' La Terrazza - a bar on the top of a department store. We dressed smart and made our way to the top of the department store to find a small queue on the stairs. We had to wait a little while, but it was more than worth it! As we got to the front of the queue we peaked at the terrace. It was quite small and there were only a few tables around the corner that had the amazing view of the Duomo. I'd completely resigned myself to not getting one of those 3 or 4 precious tables. But low and behold as the couple at THE table, right in the corner of the terrace (with the most amazing view of the Duomo) stood up and left... I couldn't believe our luck. We sat down right, ordered delicious cocktails and nibbles and watched as the sky grew darker and the Duomo and Giotto's Bell Tower lit up. It was exactly what I'd dreamed/hope for but never thought would actually happen. I still can't believe our luck now! My favourite night in Florence, without a doubt. 

Speaking of favourite nights in Florence, this one is only 0.001% behind that one. We sat outside of a small restaurant and ordered a board of meat, cheese and bread. For the next few hours we drank wine, wine and more wine and slowly made our way through the delicious food. Bleary eyed, we merrily meandered around Florence, having no idea where we were or where we were headed. And of course, the night was finished off the Gelato. I also managed to fill my bag with a tonne of old Italian wine corks. Thinking about that night fills my heart with love and warmth. Without a doubt, Florence is somewhere I want to visit over and over again. 


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