The Friday Five | TV Shows I'm Currently Binging On

1. Lucifer
This may be one of my favourite shows of all time. The first episode I was so sceptical but now I'm completely enthralled. I've only seen Tom Ellis in Miranda before so seeing him in this role was odd at first but now I only see him as the deliciously wicked and charming Lucifer *swoon*. Also I'm definitely in love with Mazikeen. 

2. Glow
I'm only a few episodes in but so far I'm enjoying it. To be honest you could but Alison Brie in just about anything and I'd enjoy it. 

3. Call The Midwife
I'm super late to the party with this one. I started watching this on Netflix, became instantly enchanted and now I'm watching it on the daily like it's my religion. I love Chummy.

4. Love, Nina
I saw Faye Marsey do an interview on this a while ago and since then it's been on my radar. I noticed it on Netflix and popped it on, not really knowing what to expect. But oh my goodness it's delightful. It's quirky and heart warming and the comedy is right up my street. I also adore Helena Bonham Carter in this and the two children are brilliant. 

5. Once Upon A Time
One of my all time faves! A week ago I finished the latest season and I felt so sad, seeing as it's been confirmed a lot of the main cast aren't going to be returning for the next season. I just had to go back to season 1 and watch the whole thing again. I'm in love (mostly with Hook).

- Adel xx


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