Current Every Day Make Up Routine | July 2017

My make up routine never stays the same for long. It can depend on the season, a new product I've suddenly become infatuated with, or maybe it's just the phase I happen to be going through. Whether it's an old favourite that's made its way back in to my routine, or a new contender, these are the products currently occupying my every day routine at the moment. 

I must be on my third or fourth bottle of this stuff by now. I wouldn't say it's pore reducing or skin enhancing in any way, but the sheer sticking power is amazing. It extends the wear of my make up so much that I just couldn't bare to be without it now. It's perfect for these hot sweaty days we're having!

While I usually consider this too heavy for a day time foundation, I've become a bit obsessed with it recently. It probably has something to do with the breakout outs I'm having.  I've found myself applying this (sparingly) on the daily to cover up all my red and blotchy bits.

The old favourite, back in my rotation. Did it ever leave? No. Sometimes I opt for my Nars or Urban Decay concealers but this little guy is never too far out of reach. 

Seventeen Instant Glow Brick
Which now appears to be discontinued? Which is sad because I'm hitting pan. For a long time I never cared much for bronzer, being too pale to think I could wear it. For evenings this is the perfect highlight/bronzer combination - add a little contour and blush and I'm good to go. But on a daily basis a light dusting of this stuff is ideal for adding a bit of shape, definition and colour all in one. 

My first time trying this and I've been really won over, as you can see I've hit pan! It's one of the lightest/silkiest drugstore powders I've tried, which is perfect for pairing with the heavier foundation. 

I actually got this little palette in a gift set at Christmas and it was the only thing I used for a long time. Since then it fell out of my rotation but has recently found it's way back in. The colours really suit my pale skin and it's an easy little palette to grab to create both subtle and heavier looks. 

Now, I'm usually very loyal to my Maybelline  Lash Sensational. But this Max Factor one came free with a gift, and while it's not my favourite mascara I'm finding it really quick and easy for an every day look. The brush is quite big it sweeps over lashes for a really fast and subtle coating that can be built up. 

Another new(ish) addition and with this one it really does depend on how I'm feeling on the day. I usually prefer a solid gel/powder combination and an angled brush. But on those early work mornings I use this to add a bit of colour and thickness back in to my brows without spending forever shaping and defining. Although I am starting to slowly replace this with the Fleur De Force gel - read my post on that here.

NYX Lip Liner - Nude Pink
Another new addition and one I've been using with out fail on a daily basis. It's pretty much my exact lip colour, and when applied with a light hand it's perfect for defining and smoothing out the edges of my lips. I usually apply some kind of gloss over the top to finish the look, depending on what's floating around in my handbag/car at the time!

So there it is, my very basic every day routine that I usually attempt with my half eyes closed at 6am Monday to Friday. 

- Adel xx


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