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Personally, I adore the chance for a Pick 'n' Mix (back in my day we called it a 'penny mix up' but the 'penny' part is no longer applicable these days). I love sticking my hand in to that bag and pulling out a sugary surprise. Is it a giant strawberry, a jazzie, a fizzy cola bottle?... no, it's a foam banana! I bloody love it. I love the pure nostalgia that sugar filled paper bag makes me feel. I love to treat myself to a Pick 'n' Mix when I can't decide what I'm in the mood for... chocolate or sweets? Well I'll just have a big bag of both, thank you very much!

A few months ago I discovered the Feel Unique Pick 'n' Mix sample service and I've never looked back. Much like it's namesake, it's a great way to try new things without investing in the whole product. Not sure if you like chocolate raisins? Throw a few in your bag. Not sure how you feel about face oil? Try a sample.

How It Works
Every month you get to choose 5 free samples. They have hundreds of samples to choose from,  from skincare to make up to fragrance. They have some great high end brands too! And In the past few months I've been using it I've noticed the sample options seem to change up quite often.
You pay £3.95 for the delivery of the samples, but get a voucher code emailed to you for £3.95 off your next order which is fab because most of the time I find something I love and want to order the full size.

Through Feel Unique's Pick 'n' Mix I've discovered products that I wouldn't be without now. You know that expensive face mask you've been wanting to try but can't bring yourself to take the plunge? Or maybe you're wanting to switch up your skin routine but don't want to spend a fortune on products your skin might not like? This is a great way to try out those things without making a big commitment.

 I'd definitely give it a try if you haven't already!

- Adel x


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