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Brows are big business these days. When I was younger and first getting in to make up, eyebrows just weren't on my radar. They went from the great un-plucked to the severely over-plucked (and one time shaved, but we don't speak of it). Now as an adult, I'm paying for my teenage experiments with sparse and unruly brows. I remember my first adventure in to applying make up on to my eyebrows, attempting to fill in the gaps with a brown eyeliner pencil that was far too red in tone. It felt so wrong, putting make up on your brows was only just becoming a 'thing' and I just didn't get it. These days I can't bare to not give my eyebrows a little something before leaving the house.

When I got my hands on the Eyelure x Fleur de Force Brow Tamer and Brow Palette I was over the moon. I'm a fan of Fleur and I must have been living with my head stuck under a rock because I had no idea these were even a thing. So when these landed in postbox I was so excited to give them a go. The packaging is beautiful, a gorgeous pink/rose gold colour and very enticing.

I have both products in the shade medium, which I was worried might perhaps be a little too light for me as my hair is quite dark, but both products actually turned out to be the perfect shade.

The brow palette has to be my favourite, and a product I'll definitely be repurchasing. I've always favourited  powder products for my brows, to help give them a deeper colour and shade in all the gaps. I absolutely love that this palette comes with two brown shades.
On days where I'm going for the old classic 'no make up, make up' look I prefer the lighter brown to just add a bit of natural colour. Other days I find myself using a mix of the two, or the dark shade on it's own on an evening. I also love that it comes with a lovely subtle highlight shade, ideal for under the brow bone. I've actually been using this in the inner corner of my eyes and all across my lid with a darker shade in the crease.
In terms of longevity I haven't any grumbles. Over all, a great little palette that has quickly become part of my every day routine.

It's probably going to come as no surprise that I love the Brow Tamer too. A handy, double ended product that does everything you want from a brow gel. In the past, I've steered away from brow gels, fearing that 'crunchy' look and texture. As part of my brow-venture I've started using brow gels more and more, and I've been enjoying this one recently. 
I use the coloured side mostly in combination with the brow palette to create a bold, sculpted evening look. The brush is tiny, which is exactly what you want when applying a coloured liquid to your face. It grabs the hairs but it's small enough to not leave brown streaks where you don't want them. 
I find myself using the clear gel less, but do like applying a little in combination with the lightest shade in the brow palette for a natural every day look... especially when I'm getting ready for a trip to the brow bar!
My favourite thing about this product though is the way it sets. It's not crispy and dry, but strong enough to keep those annoying little hairs in place all day and all night. I haven't experienced any smudging/crumbling either which will always get a product in to my good books. 

While I wasn't necessarily in the market for new brow products, I'm certainly glad these ones came in to my life. They've given my boring old brow routine a good old switch up that I didn't realise it needed. So, that's another wonderful Eylure x Fleur de Force collaboration that has made it's self firmly at home in my make up drawers!

- Adel xx


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