TFF | Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts

It's no secret that I love all things Easter and Spring, and if you were to pop over to my house for a pot of tea and a slice of cake this weekend you'll find my walls adorned with bunny shaped bunting and tiny little yellow chicks scattered over every accessible surface. While my cupboards are threatening to burst open and spill out the ridiculous amounts of egg shaped chocolate they're currently harbouring, I thought today's TFF would be a great oppertunity to share some little Easter gifts that aren't actually edible.

1. 'Be You' Mug £6 | 2. Easter Soap Cupcake £5 | 3. Rabbit Candle £4.80 
4. Rabbit Socks £3.50 | 5. Bunny Toast Rack £5

I mean, who wouldn't take delight in having their toast served up in a bunny toast rack? That would make anyone's morning a little happier, surely?

I love putting together a few bits to make a gift, and one of my favourite things to do is pick out a cute mug and fill it with little pieces. I'm seriously in love with the 'Be You Mug' from my shop Homebird Boutique, combine it with the bunny socks and perhaps a creme egg and you've got the perfect little Easter gift

Happy Good Friday! And I'll see you on Sunday with a tasty Easter bake :).

- Adel xx


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