Nailing the Spring Transition | New Look Matte Nail Polish Review

One of the things I love about Autumn/Winter is the acceptance of dark nail polishes, allowing me to express my inner goth. This past winter I fell in love with the dark matte/velvet look, and I've been finding it hard to let go and step in to Spring/Summer brights. Like Spring eases us from Winter to Summer, matte nudes and muted tones have become my perfect transitional shades and are slowly gearing me up for the all the rainbow colours I'm sure I'll be obsessing with in Summer.
I recently discovered the Beauty section of New Look (how has it taken me so long?) and while I was drawn in by the beautiful packaging and immediately wanted to try everything, I just had to pick up a shade from their range of matte nail polishes. There's some really beautiful colour options, perfect for those of us wanting to subtly lighten up our nail wardrobe. I'm currently painting, removing and re-painting this gorgeous 'Antique Rose' shade, and I can't get enough of it.

The packaging of this whole range is so pretty, with the coloured liquid hosed in frosted glass bottles topped off with a metallic look lid. The large square lid pulls off to (thankfully) reveal a much smaller, black handle with the brush attached, which is so much easier to handle. The brush itself isn't anything to write home about. It's just a standard brush, lacking in comparison to the much flatter, wider, easy application brushes in a lot of polishes on the market these days, but it does the job.

The liquid is fairly runny, and I'd definitely apply two coats for a nice even coverage, but I always apply two coats of any nail polish to be honest. It goes on glossy but quickly dries down to a matte, which is a great way being visibly able to tell when it's safe to start actually doing things again without 'the fear'. I'm always so impatient with nail polish and usually end up catching it, smudging it, getting a hair stuck in it or what ever.

The shade is a truly lovely muted lilac, perhaps a little less pink than I was expecting with a name like 'Antique Rose' but I really love it. I love lilac as a pretty spring colour and the cool tone really sits nicely with my pale skin.

I haven't applied a clear top coat over it yet, as I don't have a matte one and don't want to add any gloss. But without it, the longevity is still pretty decent if you're careful (which I'm not) and don't do things like the cleaning/washing up without rubber gloves (which I sometimes do) and don't pick at it (which I do).

So if you're looking for a way to subtly bring your nails in to Spring, I fully recommend this polish, and I'm definitely keen to try some of the other colours in the range.. I've got my eye Dusty Pink and Misty Grey in particular.

- Adel xx


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