Easter Rocky Road | Recipe

It's Easter Sunday and what better way to celebrate with a super easy, extra chocolatey and all round crowd pleaser of a treat. Who doesn't enjoy a fabulous piece of rocky road from time to time? It's literally a bunch of all the good stuff stuck together in a big slab of chocolate. And also, it's just about the quickest and easiest thing to make besides chocolate nests. A busy weekend with not much chance for baking, but still wanting to treat friends and family, an Easter theme rocky road seemed like the perfect idea. Of course I wanted to share the outcome with you guys, and just a warning before we proceed... this stuff is pretty damn addictive. 


400g Milk Chocolate (30% cocoa solids)
130g Unsalted Butter (room temperature)
100g Mini Marshmallows
150/200g Digestive Biscuits
325g(ish) Mini Eggs
3 x 82g bags of Cadbury Oreo Eggs

Makes roughly 12 pieces

The beauty of rocky road is that most of the bits are interchangeable and you can pretty much do what you like with it. And by no means was I precisely accurate with the measurements of mini eggs and marshmallows I was throwing in there, I just used the above as a guide and sort of played it by ear really. I initially intended on using Creme Eggs instead of the Oreo ones but when I saw them in the store I thought they'd be delicious! (Spoiler: I was right)


Line Tray

 Line your choice of tray with parchment paper and set to one side. 
I used a roughly 20x15 oven dish for my rocky road as I'm of the opinion that the thicker and chunkier the better! The bigger your dish the further you'll have to spread your mixture so if you prefer something with a little more bite sized... you do you girl.  

Crush/Cut/Break Up your 'filling' items and add them all together in a big bowl

While it might seem like a good idea to do all this prep while the chocolate is melting, it's better to be safe than sorry and give that temperamental bugger your full attention.
 I  chose to cut my Oreo Eggs in half for a more even spread. 
I put around 80% of my mini eggs (well deal with the other 20% later) in to a plastic food bag and used a rolling pin to crush them up a little (mainly they broke in to halves).
 I used the same rolling pin method to crush my digestives, although I didn't totally obliterate them, like I said before... for me, the chunkier the better. 
Add in your mini marshmallows and set your bowl of deliciousness to one side. 

Measure butter and chocolate and place together in a big bowl

I cut my butter up in to small cubes to make the melting process easier. 
And I broke up the chocolate in to small pieces for the same quick-melting reason. I did this by thwacking the bars numerous times against my work top.... kinda stress relieving and much quicker than trying to break it up piece by piece with your hands.

Simmer water in a pan and place bowl of butter and chocolate on top

Don't put too much water in, about half way will do. Keep your hob on a super low heat (I had mine on the lowest it will possibly go without being off) you really don't want it boiling up and bubbling every where, just a warm gentle simmer is perfect. Pop your bowl on the top and let it gently heat away. Stirring occasionally to make sure the chocolate on the bottom doesn't burn. It's a long, tedious process but in this case, slow and steady wins the race. I've tried to rush this step before and ended up with burned, stinky, lumpy chocolate - not ideal. 

Once the chocolate/butter mixture is fully melted, add it to your other ingredients

Pour your melty chocolate mixture in to your large bowl full of all your little bits of goodness that you prepared earlier. I used a large wooden spoon to quickly but gently mix it all together until everything is fully coated in chocolate. 

Add mixture to tray, decorate and refrigerate

Spread the mixture gently so that it fully fills the tray. Use those uncrushed mini eggs we set aside earlier to add to the top for a bit of decoration and pop the tray in the fridge for at least one hour. Yes I know it's tempting. You've got the spoon and the bowl to lick clean though to keep you going.

Once it's out of the fridge, cut it up in to as many pieces as you see fit. One big piece? I won't judge.
Wether giving as a gift or hosting guests, I like to present my rocky road in a fun and obviously Easter themed way. I used a little basket I made at Easter last year and popped a few pieces of my rocky road in there along with a little yellow chick or two for added cuteness. 

Happy Easter everyone! And happy stuffing your face with chocolate!

- Adel x


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