Weekend Base | Estée Lauder Double Wear Review

Picture the scene, it's Friday. You're at work all day but the thought of after work drinks is getting you through those last few hours that stand between you and the weekend. Maybe you're going to run home and quickly get changed, or maybe you're just heading straight to the bar. Either way, who wants to waste valuable play time hours on re-doing a full face of make up?  Okay, imagine it's Saturday, maybe you're going out shopping, out for lunch, on a long walk that ends in tea and cake in a cute little cafe... and then maybe you're staying in tonight with a take away and a bottle of something fizzy, or maybe you're digging out your best LBD and hitting the town, or perhaps it's date night... Again, who want's to spend those precious weekend hours re-doing that base you applied so meticulously this morning?

For me, I absolutely love doing something different with my make up on the weekend. During the week I'm very much a BB/CC cream + a tonne of concealer and a swipe of mascara kinda gal. So when the weekend rolls around I love to play around with bold eyeshadows, eyeliner and lips. I also love a much more full coverage bad and to crack out that contour/highlight kit. Hell, maybe I've not even got anything exciting planned. But after spending the week in the same black uniform and minimal effort make up, I'm going to wear an outfit and make up that makes me feel great.

Yesterday was Friday and I had a shift at work followed by a 10 minute stop at home to change out of my uniform and then head to the pub for a 'Fizzy Friday' with my girl. So that morning, as I sat and did my make up, I knew I'd need a base that would see me right through to stumbling in through the door at something past midnight. Really, there was only one option.

Estée Lauder's Double Wear was the first high end foundation I ever owned, and while I always stray to other bottles of nude fluid, Double Wear will always be my old faithful. As soon as I start running low, I have to repurchase, I just daren't be without it. Having initially being matched to the shade 'Ecru' which I found perfectly matched the skin colour on my face (uber pale) it stuck out in contrast against the colour of my neck/hands/rest of my body, which is a little more yellow toned. I recently went back and was matched to the shade Ivory Nude, which initially looks a little yellow on my face, but blends in well to my neck.

Talking of blending, I used to love applying this foundation with my Real Techniques sponge to as I found it created a more 'glowy' less cakey look. And I don't know if it was something I was doing wrong, but I found that it was near on impossible to then apply concealer over the top and also blend that in. The foundation just kept lifting in patches off my face and it would just look horrendous. Sometimes it didn't happen, but about 80% of the time it did. To the point where I pretty much gave up on DW and my RT sponge too. Then at Christmas my sister gifted me a Kabuki brush and I've never looked back. DW is quite thick and dries quite fast, so you have to work quickly, but buffing it over my entire face with my kabuki and then going in with concealer over the top has been my fool proof method for creating a practically bullet proof base.

Let's just talk about the packaging a second, while that glass bottle and gold top looks quite sophisticated, it's not the most practical. I really don't want to discuss the time I came home with a brand new bottle and smashed the entire thing all over my floor - devastating. Also, a pump would be nice.

All in all, it's not the easiest foundation to work with and a good moisturiser on those dry patches is essential. But when I can come home from a full day out of the house, plus a night out on top, and still look in the mirror and not be horrified by what I see - well that's pretty bloody impressive - especially considering my oil slick skin. It's so satisfying (and kinda sad) to get home at the end of the day and actually cleanse off what looks to be the same amount of foundation that I applied that morning, without my skin having drank it all up.

So when the weekend hits and I have morning to evening plans, I want to know my face is going to stay as close to flawless as it can get (pigmentation - away with you!). Double Wear will always be my go to.


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