Primark Christmas Nails

Last December, I spent what was pretty much a full day gelling my nails, constructing and shaping gel tips, and practicing the perfect intricate Christmas design and trying to replicate it on all 10 nails. I love getting fully festive with my nails at Christmas with cute and novelty designs, most of which are completely beyond my abilities to create by hand. So this year I'm going with glue ons for a much quicker and easier injection of festive fun. 

When I spotted these cuties in Primark, I couldn't resist but pick up all 3 designs they had on offer.

I'm actually super impressed with the size and fit of these. The tips are subtly pointed and the perfect length. Just long enough to elongate your fingers but not too much so that every day tasks suddenly become impossible... we've all been there. With 24 nails in a box there's plenty of varied sizes to choose from, and I have to say I managed to find a nail for each finger that fit perfectly. I've had much more expensive glue on nails in that past that haven't fitted as neatly to my natural nail shape as these do.

I love that in the Penguin pack there are three different designs. One with just snowflakes, one with just a penguin and one with both combined, all with a blue base. I love having nails that all go together but don't quite match. The penguin is also super cute.

I actually wore the snowflake design to my work Christmas party and got so many compliments on them. And I'm not at all surprised, they're so beautiful. In the package they look clear, and I was worried about being able to see where my own nail ends underneath. However, once I got them out and placed them on, my worries dissolved. The nails have a subtle gradient of silver which becomes fully saturated at the tip, hiding any embarrassingly chewed to the bone nails underneath (ahem). It also makes them look extra gorgeous and sparkly. I've had them on over a week now and they're still going strong! I'm so enchanted by these I'm hopefully going to get another pack at the weekend, as I think they will look lovely at New Year. 

The Santa pack I think is the most novel and festive, and I plan on saving until them until the day before Christmas Eve, just in time for all the family get togethers. If you can't rock slightly cheesy theme nails at Christmas, then when can you? I love how the pattern is quite bold and unapologetically festive. But I do also appreciate that gold glitter accent nail, just to break it up a little and thrown in a little glam to the proceedings. 

All in all, I'm super pleased that I picked these up. And what is £1.50 when you're going to look down at your nails every day and feel the Christmas cheer?

- Adel xx


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