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All year round, I enjoy baking. But as soon as Autumn/Winter sets in I find myself baking more than ever. There's always an excuse to bake something, a theme to be created and tasted. Everything becomes so much more indulgent and happily so. I'm happy to spend the cold evenings in hunkered down between a mountain of cushions, a warm drink in one hand and a homemade piece of a sweet tooth's dream in the other. 
With Christmas not too far off, there's a billion and one festive themed creations pinned to my baking inspiration board on Pinterest, that I'm desperate to start giving go. But while it's still a little early for that (I'm sure December will be full of Christmas themed treats), the cold November weather has been a perfect excuse to pop in to Costa and treat myself to a marshmallow filled hot chocolate every time I leave the house. Any other time of year, marshmallows aren't something I pay that much attention to. I don't have any need or particular want for them in my life. Then along comes winter and suddenly melty marshmallows are right up on the top of my radar, whether that's toasting them on a fire at bonfire night or having them gently soak in warm and chocolatey drink, I want them in my life.
One of my favourite, quick and easy bakes is big, gooey, double or triple chocolate cookies. Whenever an occasion pops up, these are my go to. Or even if there isn't an occasion, my boyfriend says they're his 'favourite cookies ever' and easily eats his way through the whole batch before I've had chance to make myself a brew and sit down with one. November felt like the right time make a bit of a risky move, and adapt this much beloved cookie to incorporate a gooey marshmallow element. I have to admit I was a bit nervous, Gareth loves these cookies and as the saying goes 'if it's not broken don't fix it'. I also didn't really have a clue what I was doing. I've never baked with marshmallow and didn't really know what to expect.  Honestly, there were a few failed attempts. The first batch out of the over looked like the marshmallow had never been involved. During the second lot I discovered that marshmallow swells and expands a bit after a short time in the oven and basically takes over the entire cookie. But after a little trial and error, I finally found the following method that gave me the outcome that I wanted.

200g Unsalted Butter (room temperature)
300g Caster Sugar
1 Egg
275g Self Raising Flour
75g Cocoa Powder - I used Bournville
Between 200g and 400g Chocolate - I used Dairy Milk
Rocky Mountain Mega Marshmallows

-First things first, pre heat your oven to 180 degrees.
-Line a baking tray with grease proof/baking paper.
-Select your weapon of choice, I personally prefer to use an electric hand mixer.
-Sieve the flour and coco powder in to the same bowl and set aside this aside for now.
-In a separate bowl cream together the butter and the sugar.
-Add the egg in to the mix until fully incorporated.
-Add a small amount of the flour/cocoa and mix.
-Adding the flour/cocoa in small stages makes it easier to combine, as the mixture should start getting quite stiff.
-Continue adding the flour/cocoa until it has all been combined.
By this point your mixer might be struggling and your arm is probably aching, but it's worth it, trust me.
-Next break up your chocolate pieces in to chunks as big or as small as you like.  I like to break off each chocolate square and then cut each of those in half.
-Add your chocolate pieces to the mix and use either your hands or a big wooden spoon to get them evenly spread out.
-Next you want to start dividing up your mixture in to balls.
-To get that nice big cookie you want to make your balls a little bigger than golf ball sized and make sure there's plenty of chocolate chunks in it.
-The cookies spread out a lot when baking so make sure you leave plenty of room between each ball,  I probably wouldn't put more than 4 on a baking tray.
-Pop them in the oven for 8 minutes.
-While they're baking, start cutting up your marshmallows in to thin slices. I found using scissors to be the easiest way, and that with these particular marshmallows cutting it up in to 4 slices worked best.
-After 8 minutes in the oven take out your tray of cookies and carefully push a marshmallow slice in to the centre of each one. Don't push the marshmallow all the way through, just enough to make a dent in the top of the cookies for it to sit in. The part baked cookie mixture will spread and crack a little but that's nothing to worry about. Also, once you've pressed the marshmallow down it might look a little small in the centre, don't worry as it will melt and expand a little in the oven.
-Pop your cookies back in the oven for another 2 minutes
-Now you need to get them off the baking tray to cool down, but I'd leave them a minute or two. You'll notice that the cookies are quite loose and wobbly in the centre and don't look very baked at all. But don't worry, this is what gives them that gorgeous soft chewy-ness. They will set perfectly when they've cooled.  This does make them quite difficult to get off the tray without them falling in to molten mess though.
-To transfer them to a cooling rack, use a large flat turner (which I didn't know was called a turner and thought was a spatula, but it turns out no) and carefully slide it right under your cookie without leaving any to hang over the edge or it will just plop right off.
-Continue baking the rest of your cookies balls in this way till their all done. Wait for them too cool and enjoy!

There you have it, wonderfully indulgent double chocolate marshmallow cookies.  And I have to say, they really are irresistible. I much prefer huge soft baked cookies to the small and crunchy kind, but then combined with the light and gooey marshmallow centre...oh my.  Out of a batch of twelve I think I managed to eat around 3 and the others got absolutely demolished by Gareth who now claims them to be his new 'favourite ever cookies'. Which is high praise coming from him as he likes to think he's the better baker in this house. So while these cookies may look a little like a very odd fried egg, they taste bloody amazing. And a little tip, pop them in the microwave for 20 seconds to warm them up and serve with ice cream/custard/cream and oh my god, heaven.

Let me know if you have a go at these and what you think to them!

- Adel xx


  1. These look so yum. I don't think I've ever fallen in love with a cookie and a recipe so much. This looks like the perfect treat on a cold Christmas Eve whilst watching festive movies by the tree! X

    1. Aw thank you so much! Let me know if you have a go at making them :). That sounds like such a perfect idea, I think I'll definitely be making a huge batch for Christmas Eve! xx

  2. These look and sound amazing! I know my husband will love these so I'll have to give them a go :) thanks for sharing chick! x

    Always, Alice


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