A Short Story About A Lovely Young Lady Who Fell Down A Hole

One bright sunny day, a Lovely Young Lady went for a walk. She was minding her own business, thinking all sorts of thoughts. When she suddenly felt herself falling. Deeper and deeper she went, until she could not see anything at all. The hole had appeared suddenly, without any reason. And she had not intended to fall down it, but once she had started falling she had not been able stop. So she found herself at the very bottom of a very dark hole, wondering quite what to do. Then a long came a lady called Panic, who sat with her at the bottom of The Hole. Panic said she couldn’t breathe. She tried to inhale too quickly and deeply, making her light headed. She also had pins and needles all over. Panic would disappear and re-appear without any warning. She would come and go as she pleased.
There was another visitor at the bottom of the hole, a gentleman named Anxiety. Anxiety was an over thinker. He worried about things that others didn’t think needed worrying about. He took out a bottle of bubbles and blew a big, protective bubble around him. He called it ‘Comfort Zone’ and he never dared leave it. He curled up in a ball and pretended the others didn’t exist.
The Lovely Young Lady thought things couldn’t get any worse. She made herself as comfortable as possible in the deep dark hole, almost completely forgetting the joys of the outside world.
Suddenly, a man named Understanding shouted down the hole, and asked if they needed any help.
The Lovely Young Lady, consumed by the darkness, barely heard the man. The lady named Panic, on the other hand, heard Understanding, and tried to climb up the ladder he had thrown down. She would get half way up when suddenly her hands and feet would go numb and refuse to go any further, and she ended up back at the bottom of the hole. The man named Anxiety thought about going up the ladder, but that would mean leaving his Comfort Zone behind, and he had become rather attached. He decided it would be safer to stay inside his bubble.
The man named Understanding waited patiently, shouting down the hole that he was there to help. Eventually he shouted just loud enough that The Lovely Young Lady could hear him clearly. The darkness seemed to grow a little brighter, and The Lovely Young Lady could see the man at the top of The Hole. The man named Understanding threw down a torch to The Lovely Young Lady. The switch was stiff and she struggled to turn it on. But when she did, The Hole filled with a soft, warm light, and she realised it wasn’t so deep after all.
She asked Panic to come with her to the top. Panic was nervous but agreed to climb up the ladder with The Lovely Young Lady.
She also asked the man named Anxiety to come with her to the top. He was worried about climbing the ladder with Panic, but agreed to give it a go now that the Lovely Young Lady had a light to guide the way.
The trio tried many times to climb the ladder. It was wobbly and steep and often felt like it may give way beneath their feet. Their arms began to ache and sometimes they slipped back down. They often felt like giving up. But with a few kind and gentle words of encouragement from the man named Understanding, all three eventually made it out of The Hole and in to the warm sunshine.
Now, I can’t tell you that The Lovely Young Lady never found herself at the bottom of the hole with Panic and Anxiety again, but when they did, Understanding would always be there with his torch, shining a light in to their darkness.



  1. As a suffer of this myself and having had several attacks today, I love this. Beautifully written; really great post! :)


    1. Thank you so much! That honestly is so lovely to hear as I was so nervous to post this. I'm sorry you've had such a difficult day my dear and I hope tomorrow brings a much lovelier day for you :) xx


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