The Friday Five | Reasons To Love Myself

After a little break from blogging, todays TFF is going to be a bit of a self appreciation post. A sort of self reflection, but focusing just on the positive stuff. Because that's something I don't do enough, or even at all. I can be really self deprecating, which is good. I can accept my flaws and even poke fun at them. Sometimes I can get quite serious with myself and be really self critical, which also isn't a bad thing. But I recently realised I never think about the things I like about myself, the things I'm good at, my best bits. So todays post is exactly that, a little pat on the back, if you will.

1. I know what I want, and I'm unwilling to settle
This has been something about myself that I've found very frustrating for a long time, and in the past I've been so disappointed in myself. I've quit so many things in life because I was unhappy/knew they weren't right, and that made me feel like failure to not just myself, but everyone around me. But I've realised that I'm not a quitter, I'm a trier. And now I know what I do want and am working towards it, I'm so glad that I never settled and got stuck in something that would never make me truly happy.

2. I'm empathetic
I have so much empathy I'm pretty sure it's bordering on super human. Other people's feelings completely out weigh and tend to eradicate my own. Which sometimes isn't fun and can be a little overwhelming, but actually, it makes me a better person. I've got a good heart, I know that about myself. If I accidentally hurt anyone's feelings, you can trust me when I say that shit is going to play on my mind, every second of the day, for at least the next week.

3. I've kept my child heart
By this I mean that I still see/feel the magic in everything. A day getting lost in the peak district feels like a beautiful adventure, building a blanket den and watching Beauty and the Beast (my all time favourite) still fills me with overwhelming joy. A beautiful, blooming garden isn't just a garden, it's magical fairy lair, always. The world is enchanting and full of wonderful potential. And I refuse to let anyone remove my rose tinted glasses.

4. I'm a babe
Hahaha. I'm half joking with this one. I really don't think I'm 'hot' or whatever. I'm not Kim Kardashian, nor am I Candice Swanepoel, and that's okay. On a serious note, and after a lot of deliberating whether or not to write this (I seriously have deleted and re-wrote this part so many times) I'm actually (kind of) comfortable in my own skin. I say kind of because of course I have days where I feel horrific, and then other days where I look in the mirror and actually feel really happy with what I see. I'm still working on it though. For the most part, I don't really think much of how I look and my physical appearance is the hardest thing for me to appreciate about myself but every once in a while a girl needs to look in the mirror and tell herself she's absolutely banging.

Which brings me on to...

5.  I'm not egotistical.
I'm not arrogant or selfish, and I don't think a lot of myself. Which has made writing this post so difficult, but it's also why I wanted to do it. Because I don't appreciate myself enough, or even believe I'm worth appreciating.

To believe in yourself is a wonderful power that can change the world as you see it. I don't know if I've ever directly not believed in myself or thought that I would fail, but I can't say I've ever truly believed in myself either. And that's something I want to change.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks kind of intense TFF. I'll keep it short and snappy next week, promise.

Also, I think you should comment at LEAST one thing you love about yourself, I'll be so interested to see everyone's answers :)

- Adel xx

P.S - (Do people still do the whole P.S thing?) After finally finishing this post I let out the weirdest noise, something between a heavy sigh and a squeak. Gareth asked me what was wrong and I said 'Why do I find it so hard to blow my own trumpet? I just don't like saying nice things about myself'. To which he said, 'just do it', which not only reminded me of a Nike advert, but also gave me the confidence to push the Publish button. So to anyone struggling with the same, here's your 'just do it', from me to you. x


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