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I've never tried any Zoella beauty before, the other ranges have just never really appealed to me, but there was something about the Sweet Inspirations range that caught my eye. From the moment she announced it, the photos were all over my twitter feed and everything looked so beautiful.

With them already on my radar, I just had to have a little sniff when I spotted the collection in Superdrug the other week, and as soon as the scent touched my nose I knew I'd be making a purchase.  It wasn't what I was expecting, to be honest. I'm a sucker for sweet smells, anything vanilla scented is my weakness, basically I enjoy smelling like a cake. The Sweet Inspirations range is vanilla sweet but in such a subtle way that it would appeal to most. It reminds me very gently of marzipan. It's described as a 'macaron' scent and I'd say that's pretty spot on. It's a soft and endearing scent and not at all overpowering, more comforting than anything.

The whole range is gorgeous and you can't help but be enraptured by the pretty packaging. I was with a friend who has never heard the name 'Zoella' and is completely unaware of that whole side of YouTube (yes, those people still do exist) and she too loved the scent and ended up buying the Le Fizz bar. 

So after a long day roaming around Manchester, I arrived home eager for a long, hot soak in a Sweet Inspirations filled bath. 

As I ran my bath I got a text off my friend I'd been with that day, she too had been anticipating a sugary, almond-y bath that evening.
She had used the Le Fizz bar on it's own, and told me how disappointed she was. 
'The water just looks like water' she said. I'm not sure if maybe she had been expecting swirly rainbow colours and glitter in the style of her favourite Lush bomb.
'Did it fizz? Does it smell good?' I asked her.
'Erm, it fizzed for like, a second. And the bathroom smells really good, but I can't smell it on myself now I'm out'
I was yet to have my bath, but my enthusiasm for it had dissipated by the end of this conversation. 

I broke up 4 pieces of the Le Fizz bar in to my bath and watched them fizz then disappear, filling the whole bathroom with their sweet patisserie scent. I also poured in some of the Bath Latte under the running water, which created a pleasing amount of soft bubble mountains. 

The bath smelled wonderful and felt so soft on my skin. I used a small amount of the Bath Latte on a shower puff and it didn't disappoint in lathering up on my skin. 
For the whole evening after that bath I could smell myself, and it was making me feel so happy and cosy in my pyjamas. I also craved a vanilla custard slice, this may or may not have been related.

My skin felt silky soft. You know that feeling where you've freshly shaved your legs and everything feels amazingly soft? It was kind of like that, but all over. And as a little Brucey Bonus, as I was curled up on the sofa with Gareth he told me I smelled really good, with absolutely no prompting at all from me, which is quite something. 

So while my friend may have been a little disappointed with her Le Fizz, and I can't say I've tried it on it's own, I've been really loving the combination of both the products I bought. I've also been using the Bath Latte as body wash in the shower, and it just never disappoints. 

Have you got any of the Sweet Inspirations collection? What did you think? Is there anything else from the range I should try?

- Adel xx


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