The Friday Five | Things That Are Driving Me Crazy

This weeks The Friday Five is about things that have been annoying me/frustrating me or just generally getting on my wick this past week. So I'm going to apologise in advance if it's a little ranty. Next week I'll do something cheerier.

1. Delivery Companies
If you follow me on twitter (@PalettePale) you may have seen my tweet earlier that inspired this weeks Friday Five theme. It's taken weeks to delivery a parcel I paid 'Next Day Delivery' on. But not only that, they've delivered it to the wrong person. So 2 weeks down the line and I'm still parcel-less. So that's fun. -_-

2. My Dog's Bark
As spring is here we're seeing so many more birds in our back garden, and every time my furry little pal sees one, he's off. He'll be seemingly fast asleep on the sofa and a tiny blue tit will land on our fence and it's like some one has suddenly put batteries in him. This happens roughly every 15 minutes or so. He's half chihuahua, so his bark is so loud and high pitched it goes through me. I'm trying my best but I have no idea how to stop it. I'm considering just shutting the curtains all day and living like a hermit.

3. Vegetables
Obviously with summer around the corner I'm trying to watch my diet a lot more. I already go to the gym but I never pay much mind to my diet. I do try and eat balanced meals but I never deny myself of a hob nob or five with my afternoon brew. Anyway, now I'm trying to eat much better and actively lose weight so dinner is usually chicken/salmon and a pile of veg. Honestly, the thought of any more boiled cabbage is turning my stomach. I'm thinking of investing in a steamer to see if that helps the situation. But really I just want a massive bowl of pasta and cheese.

4. My Glasses
After years of not being able to see the telly properly and getting my boyfriend to read out signs and notice boards I finally went for my eyes testing and glasses. It's been a month or two now and I'm used to wearing them. But bloody hell I'm constantly forgetting where I've put them. I'll sit down to watch telly and realise I can't see a thing and some times I'm just too lazy to get back up again and go find them, so I just sit and watch the fuzz. And don't get me started on that annoying mark they leave where they rub all the make up off the side of my nose.

5. The Weather
I'm aware that I'm sounding like an old lady, not being able to find my glasses and grumbling about the weather. But honestly, one minute it's warm and sunny and the next it's cold and rainy. Which is fine except I keep hanging washing out and having to bring it in on the radiators and put the heating on. Which I begrudge doing at this time of year. A few minutes later it's too hot in the house from the heating but not nice enough outside to put the washing back out and oh my god. Yeah this is my life now, I'm a boring old grown up.

- Adel xx


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