The Friday Five | Songs at the Gym

Welcome to the Friday Five! So I'm going to be trying a new thing where every Friday I do a really quick post little post on five things that I've been doing/thinking about/enjoying this week... Basically it could be anything. 

This weeks Friday Five is a snippet of the songs I've recently been blasting through my headphones while I run furiously and sweat profusely at the gym.

1. Katy Perry - Part of Me
2. Little Mix - Salute
3. P!nk - So What
4. Bring Me The Horizon - Throne
5. Paramore - Now

Music, for me, acts almost like little battery pack at the gym, it keeps me going when I start feeling tired. My phone battery powered out the other day and I found it near on impossible to keep up to my usual pace. The songs that motivate me are constantly swapping and changing, but these are the five that particularly stand out to me at the minute as pacemakers and motivators.

- Adel xx


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