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When I received my long lusted-after Olivia Burton watch for my birthday, it stirred something deep within. I've always been team gold rather than team silver when it comes to outfit accessorising, be it belt buckles, zips or jewellery, if the metalwork is gold I've got all the heart eyed emojis for it. But when I adorned my wrist in my beautiful rose gold OB watch, I discovered a whole new team to route for. Rose gold tones have certainly been rising in popularity over the past few years and with that it has come a whole load of new options to the table. 

I always feel incomplete without any jewellery on. For me, I think I put more effort in to planning the jewellery I want to wear than I do the actual outfit. But that's what I love about it, the other day I threw on a basic white tee and some jeans without even thinking about it. I then grabbed this little tray of jewellery I still hadn't put away after photographing it (oops) and just popped it all on. It changed the whole outfit and I instantly felt much more put together.

So since the OB watch came in to my life back in January, I've been picking up various rose gold bits and pieces to decorate myself with. I love wearing lots of rings in a combination of sizes and so I found the easiest way to add some rose gold in to my mix was to buy a multipack or two of normal and midi rings. This way I can also mix and match with the gold rings I already own. 

I like to keep things quite simple when it comes to jewellery, I'm not a huge lover of big and chunky pieces. I always gravitate to more minimalist pieces with delicate chains and dainty charms or pendants and this didn't change when I shopped for my rose gold pieces.

I have to say, I've become a little bit obsessed, all my other usual gold tone pieces have been left to gather dust over the past few months and I've only appeared to have eyes for this beautiful pinkish colour. Between my jewellery collection and all the various home ware accessories, my life is packed with coppery tones and I'm worried for my bank balance when they day comes that my tastes change. 

What do you think of the rose gold trend? Has it translated in to your outfit accessorising? Or are you more team gold or team silver?

- Adel xx


  1. Very nice post, I'm also obsessed with the rose gold :) Especially with the jewelry and some decorative objects ! Also love your blog !! <3 I follow you on Bloglovin !

    Suzanne xx
    Check my blog :

  2. All this jewellery is stunning! That watch is absolutely gorgeous! Hopefully one day I will be able to afford one xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  3. All that rose gold, oh my! My favourite piece is the necklace with all the leaf charms. And the watch of course! (I wish I was a watch person, but I find them annoying to wear haha)

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent


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