Favourites | April

It's that time again, where I round up all the bits and bobs I've been particularly enjoying over the past month. I'll confess, I don't have much in the way of physical objets for April. I've been keeping it quite simple, which is another way of saying I've basically been a bit of a boring b*tch and adorning myself with pretty much the same things day in day out. 


First up is a small gold tone choker from River Island. I've had this a while now but only recently started wearing it. It's quite thin and delicate which makes a change from the bigger, more statement chokers I have. I've found myself wearing it almost every day over the past month. It just goes with everything and gives my outfits that slightly edgier look that a choker gives, with out being anything too stand out. 


The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. I have this in the shade Seduction, which is a gorgeous nude that I get along surprisingly well with. I always struggle when it comes to finding the perfect balance of brown and pink to give a nude lip that actually suits my skin tone. Well this shade has done just that for me, and I'm pleased as punch about it. I find that the formula isn't crazy drying like some other matte lip products and doesn't feel heavy. I did find that it stayed fairly tacky for quite a long time after application and didn't really dry down like I would have expected. This meant it did transfer a bit when drinking and eating, and I found it performance in the staying power stakes didn't live up to other matte lip products I've tried. But this didn't put me off, a quick patch up is all it takes to get it looking great again. 

April was the month I finally broke up with my Batiste dry shampoo. I just got fed up with the flakey white bits and told myself no, there has to be something better out there. I need dry shampoo in my life. My hair is so long and heavy it sits flat to my head and the roots often tend to look greasy even when freshly washed. Dry shampoo just gives my roots a bit of fresh and natural looking lift like no other product does. Now I have tried the Batiste dark brown shade in the past, but found that to be quite a messy ordeal. After stupid and unnecessary long amount of time of intending to purchase one but never getting around to it, I finally purchased a bottle of Colab dry shampoo and it has quite frankly rocked my world. It's just a pleasure to use. I have it in the fragrance Tokyo which I really like but I think I'll try out some of the others too. I'm kicking myself for being so late to the bandwagon, but I'm so glad I finally hopped on!

Last in beauty, but by no means least, is the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette - Iconic Elements. I've loved Makeup Revolution ever since they blew up a while back. In particular, I've always loved their eyeshadow palettes. Maybe it's because I've only recently found a love for matte eyeshadow, but I've only just purchased this palette in the past few weeks. The subtle, mainly matte, nude shades are just my cup of tea right now. I've been enjoying playing around with subtle smokey eyes and this palette has every colour I could possibly need for that. The longevity and colour pay off is pretty unbelievable for the price. I don't think there's been a day since I owned this palette that I haven't used it. I've been particularly enjoying pairing these flesh toned shades with the nude Revlon lip mentioned earlier.


Another one I'm late to the party with, the Flo refillable atomiser. For far too long I was carrying around expensive perfume bottles in my handbags and living in fear of the dreaded smashing, when one day I woke up and realised I didn't need to live like this anymore. Being a person that suffers with anxiety, my usual day is filled with enough worrying as it is. This tiny little atomiser has just helped eliminate one extra thing for me to worry about and no matter how small the worry may be, that will always be a very welcomed change.

I also loved the Jungle Book movie. In all honestly, I had low expectations but I enjoyed this so much I actually really want to go see it again. And with the price of cinema tickets these days, that's saying something. 

Music wise I've been playing Selena's Revival album on loop, along with Bring Me The Horizon's That's The Spirit. Which is a bit of a weird combination, but an enjoyable one.

And that's everything that stands out to me for April. Let me know what you'd think, and I'd love to have a nosey at some of your favourites too!

- Adel xx


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