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Tuesday's Wish List is basically just all the tabs I've had open in Chrome for a few weeks now, waiting for me to make a decision. As I said in yesterday's post I've been hitting the metaphorical refresh button on various aspects of my life, and that has included the spare room in our house. I'm currently in the process of clearing out the desk space and shelves to turn it in to an environment I actually want to work from. So I've been spending the majority of my time on Pinterest - pinning desk spaces I could only dream of. I've also had a running collection of tabs open of things I've been toying with the idea of purchasing, and these are those products.

1. Moscow Mule Mug | 2. Metal Wire Basket | 3. Inspirational Print | 4. Pin Board |
5. Plant Pot | 6. Metal Tray | 7. Tea Light Holder | 8. Desk Lamp | 
9. Terrarium  | 10. Drawers

Initially I was planning on going all copper/rose gold tones but as I started browsing I realised I just couldn't commit and had to throw some brassy/gold tones in too. I'm not sure if the mixed metals look will work in such a small space and I probably won't purchase quite so many items to cram all on to one desk anyway. That would probably be counter productive to my whole 'de-cluttering' thing I'm trying to do at the minute. 
I don't know, I'm still so undecided how to play it, hence why I still have all these tabs open. I need to just commit to the look I want and go for it! I realise I'm definitely over thinking this, but if I'm going to re-do the office space I want to do it properly and create a place I feel inspired to work in. 

Any help/opinions would be gratefully received!
 I'd love to know what you think of my picks and if you think the mixed metals look could work? 

I hope you're enjoying Wish List Week so far, here's Monday's post if you haven't already seen it - Wish List Week - Monday | Pink and Rose Gold Spring Outfit - and I'll see you tomorrow with with another wish list!

- Adel xx


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