Wish List Week - Saturday | Tech Accessories

Tech is a huge part of my every day life and there are a million and one handy little accessories out there that would make my life so much easier, from charging my ever draining iPhone battery in the middle of the day or protecting my laptop from when the dog decides to jump up on the sofa and walk right over it with his scratchy claws. I always have an ongoing list in my head of tech accessories that I'm constantly meaning to buy but never getting round to it. So with my theme of Wish List Week being about organising my life and just generally getting my shit in order, I thought I should stop neglecting my tech-y needs. 

1. Happy Cable | 2. Zero Gravity Case | 3. Frends Layla Headphones | 4. Skinnydip Bunny Case 
5. Marble Macbook Skin | 6. Mobile Lens Kit | 7. Ear Phone Case | 8. Ban.do Mobile Charger

Honestly, I can't believe I haven't yet purchased a portable mobile charger. The amount of times I've felt frustrated at my phone for becoming a powerless brick by midday, and for some reason I've just not done anything about it. I'm in love with this cute one from Ban.do though, it makes me think of strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

What do you think of my picks? I'd love to know.

- Adel xx


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