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Summer is on it's way... hopefully. And recently I've been dreaming of a time in the not too distant future when I can put my boots (and thick socks) to the back of the wardrobe and let my feet free. Don't get me wrong, I love boots. I probably own too many pairs and they become an almost permanent fixture on my feet as soon as Autumn even thinks about setting in. Boots are my comfort zone. But with other shoes I tend to be a little less adventuress and I'm pretty sure I spent the whole of last summer in just two pairs that are now a bit worse for wear and ready for the bin. After a cheeky little email popped in to my inbox from New Look offering 25% off shoes, I couldn't resist a bit of a browse. And with summer in mind, I've picked out a few pairs that I'm very tempted to spend my pennies on.

As I said previously, I'm not all that adventuress when it comes to shoes, but I just think you can't go wrong with a pair of plain black pumps. I particularly enjoy the gold trim on the ones I've picked out though as it just adds a little zhuzh (is that a real word?).

Also, I'm all heart eye emoji'd for the grey heels. This is the only pair that isn't included in the current 25% off offer, and I don't do well on heels, and I can't think where I would wear them... But I just heart them. Oh my goodness, they're beautiful and I want them.  

I think my favourite pick though would be the cream peep toe pumps. I love a little peep toe in the summer, I love the lace up and tassel details and I can just see them going well with everything. This is the kind of shoe that I would probably wear to death the entire season and there'd be nothing left of it by the end... but for the current price of £14 it's definitely worth it.

What do you think of my picks?

- Adel xx


  1. I love New Look's shoes, one of the very few shops whos shoes fit me! Love pair number 5! x


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