Review | Coconut Water & Coconut Oil Hair Masque

I'm forever swapping and changing the products I use on my hair. For years I used to be stuck in my ways like the pensioner I am at heart, and used the same routine religiously, stubbornly refusing to accept anything better could possibly exist. In particular, I got stuck on to one conditioner. To give it credit, the Aussie Miracle Reconstructor did get me through the tough time when I decided to go from dark brown to platinum blonde and 98% of my hair shrivelled up and died. So I swore allegiance to it and didn't use anything else for years. Sometimes I still wander back to it, like an old friend. But since I opened my eyes to other products I'm seeing new conditioners on a weekly basis. And my most recent dalliance has been with the Coconut Water & Coconut Oil Masque from Superdrug. 

I picked this up having been enticed by the pretty blue packaging, the promise of coconut oil, and the price of £3.99. I have used pure coconut oil on my hair before, but I find the process a bit of a faff and something I rarely can be bothered doing, so I thought this would be worth giving a go.

First things first, I love the packaging. It's bright and fresh and gets me thinking all the summery thoughts. When I opened up this beauty to give it a try, the smell had me sold before I'd even put it on my hair. It smells incredible! It smells quite sweet and coconutty (duh!) and I want to eat it, but I won't. The consistency is quite thick, but not as a thick as other hair masques I've used. While I'm in the bath I run a small dollop through the ends of my hair, avoiding my roots and leave it for around 5, some times 10, minutes while I watch some YouTube.

This leaves my hair smelling gorgeous and feeling so silky smooth the comb practically glides through my long and notoriously knotty hair. But my absolute favourite thing about this masque is that not only does it do a thoroughly amazing job at making my ombre'd and broken ends look and feel super soft and hydrated, it also leaves my hair feeling much more light weight. With my hair being quite lengthy, everything seems to weigh it down. After using this stuff, in comparison to other hair masques I've used, I can literally feel the weight lifted off. My hair looks and feels so different. 

I'm genuinely super impressed with this little budget buy and I've been giving myself a little pat on the back for deciding to purchase it. 

Let me know if you've tried this or anything else from the range. Also recommendations for any other light weight but powerful conditioners/masques would be greatly welcomed.

- Adel xx


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