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Easter is just a week away and I've been getting a little over excited. Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring, my favourite season. I used to spend Spring as a child feeding baby lambs on the farm and making easter bonnets and baking with my Grandma. I love a good excuse to get a little crafty so I've done a few quick and easy little crafts that will get the house looking Easter ready. 

Also, just a little side note, I solemnly swear not to use any egg related puns through out this blog post. 

I made a brew and stuck the movie Hop on the telly, to get the Easter vibes going, and then settled down to get crafty. First up, I made some bunting, or bunny-ting, if you will (that's not an egg pun, it's allowed). I purchased some A4 Pastel Card from Hobby Craft and drew the outline of a bunny, pretty much the full size of the A4 card. After I cut this out, I used it as a stencil to draw it 5 more times on different coloured card. I used these pom poms for the fluffy bunny tails. and I used this pretty pastel coloured chevron ribbon to stick the bunnies to (I used some clear tape). It's now hanging beautifully in my living room and as I write this post I cannot stop looking at it and feeling pretty bloody pleased with it! Such a simple and easy way to make super cute Easter bunting.

The next thing I did was decorate a small storage jar and filled it with mini eggs. I used some green raffia I'd saved from a package I'd received in the bottom of the jar to look like a grassy nest. I also tied this adorable bunny patterned ribbon around the top just for a bit of extra Easter-y cuteness. Easy peasy!

To be honest with you, the next craft didn't go quite as smoothly. I purchased these pastel paints and planned to initially paint some eggs white to give a nice blank canvas to paint patterns on to. Well, this was far easier said than done. I boiled up some eggs and then sat them in cold water for a while to cool. After I'd dried them off I started brushing on the white paint. This was not happening. Each time I put the brush to the egg it wiped more paint off than it deposited. So I took to sponging it on instead, which was definitely a much better method, but gave more of a speckled effect than the smooth wash of white I was after. With the surface of the egg being so smooth, the paint was in no rush to dry either. I literally sat and watched an entire movie and it was still wet. So, genius here decided to stick them in the oven on low. Which set the paint brilliantly, on the one side that wasn't down on the baking tray. It also cracked the shells a fair bit. So, swings and roundabouts. Anyway, I persisted on with my mission. Painting pretty pastel patterns on the one side of the egg that was actually white. I used the same raffia from earlier to create a nest in the bottom of a small basket and this worked well to hid away the rubbish sides of the eggs. I then added the bunny ribbon from earlier and also wrapped this gorgeous chevron ribbon (which I'm in love with) around the handle. I also added some of these adorable little chicks, because it just wouldn't be Easter without these little guys. 

The final DIY attempt went even more wrong. I purchased this Egg mould thinking it would be a fab idea to make my own Easter egg.. it looks easy enough right? Hmm. This mould is your standard easter egg size, and let me tell you, it takes more chocolate than you think. I melted down a 200g bar of Dairy Milk thinking this would be enough for both sides. Nope, one bar coated one half. The actually coating of the mould was pretty easy, I just tipped and poured it around. So I melted a second bar and Gareth had the idea to crush up some mini eggs to create a little fancy bit at the front and make it look a bit arty. This was also much easier than I imagined it would be. I then popped them in the fridge for a while to set. By the time I came back to them they'd set as much as they were going to. Just one problem though, we couldn't get them out of the moulds. We tried and tried and tried, but there was no way those eggs were coming out in one piece. It was then that I realised maybe we should have greased the moulds first. So we ended up cutting in to the mould a little, luckily it was only a quid. Both halves eventually came out, but they were in a million pieces. The mini egg part was actually the most successful bit. It stayed in one nice big chunk and was a bloody pleasure to eat. Lesson learned for next time! Although I'm so surprised how much chocolate actually went in to making it!

So those are my attempts at a little Easter DIY. My favourite is definitely the bunting, it's just so cute and it makes me happy seeing it hung up in the living room.

Have you done any Easter DIY's? I'd love to see your attempts. Next Sunday I'll be back with an Easter themed baking post, so I shall see you then!

-Adel xx


  1. Can you come over & help me decorate? Your crafts are too cute. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. Those sweet jars are adorable! I want to make some before Easter but am rapidly running out of time!
    I really should plan better really!



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