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Sports Bra - £6.00
Sports Leggings - £9.00
Sports Top - £5.00
Stripe Top - £8.00
Necklace - £1.00
Cushions - £8.00 each
Throw - £17.00

So, it happened. I ventured in to Primark a few weeks ago, having popped in to town for an eye test. Not only did I come home with a prescription and two pairs of glasses on order, I also had 3 mammoth sized Primark bags in tow. Honestly I didn't even buy that much (insert sheepish face here) but the cushions were so bloody huge that I came out of the shop with Primark bags the size of which I didn't know even existed. My boyfriend actually looked at me in accusatory horror, seeing as it looked like I'd bought one of everything in the entire shop.

Actually, I had been needing a new outfit for the gym. I was solely surviving on one gym outfit, and when you're trying to force yourself to go 3 times and week and you have to wash your outfit between each visit... well, I quite frankly could not be arsed, and ended up skipping sometimes.
I avoided all the bright neons, not wanting to attract attention to my huge arse and lack of gym based equipment knowledge. I purchased myself some black leggings with a grey sort of marble effect panel, a grey top and a black and grey sports bra. I wasn't expecting much, as my other gym outfit is branded sports wear, but I put the whole outfit and I loved it. Everything fitted so nicely and kind of complemented my figure, I actually felt comfortable. The support in the bra is really good and keeps everything firmly in place and the chances of getting a black eye minimal... ahem. The leggings fit so comfortably and I loved the look of them when on. The panel around the waist band is sturdy and keeps my little jelly belly tucked firmly away. At the back theres a little zip pocket above the bum which is good for either my iPod or change or whatever. And the top again, I was super impressed with, fitted but also flattering. I think feeling good in a gym outfit is such a confidence booster and it definitely makes me feel so much better and way less self conscious.

On my way up to the homeware (I just had to have a quick look) I spotted this stripy ribbed top, with a lace up V neck. I picked it up and plonked it in the basket, no questions asked.  This kind of top is so easy to throw on at the weekend with a pair of skinny jeans and boots, I couldn't really go wrong with that one. I also picked up a cute little gold toned necklace with a simple V shape pendant. Again, something like this is just so easy to style. I have so many simple necklaces like this and I love to play around with layering them. Or I just think on it's own a simple gold necklace can make any outfit look complete.

So, homeware. I recently did a wish list post about how I wanted to freshen up my bedroom, in the hopes of Spring being not too far off. Well I hadn't yet bought any of the items I was planning to, and I was glad I hadn't when I saw these matching throw and cushions. I like to keep my bedroom fairly neutral and loved the blue colour paisley print on these. I think the cushions are what really sold it to me though. Like I mentioned earlier, they're pretty damn big, and I've been wanting some really oversized cushions on the bed to layer up with medium and smaller sized ones. I actually posted on Instagram (paletttepaleblog) a picture of my bed made up with the everything on it. I absolutely love it, I'm still wanting to get a few more smaller cushions to layer it up more but so far I'm really pleased. And I love throwing myself on to the bed and sinking in between them.

So that's it, my Primark Haul. Let me know what you think, and I'd love to see links to any recent haul posts too :)

- Adel xx


  1. Obsessed with the throw and cushions :) You picked up such lovely things, I'm eyeing up the striped top too! I always head to H&M for sportswear, but maybe I should look at Primarks stuff too :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  2. Ahh, I wanted to buy those sports leggings from Primark, but they didn't have any in my size :( Those cushions are gorgeous!


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