My 25th Birthday | Wales

I always used to moan that my birthday is in January, the time when every one is short on money and partied out. But this year I was so thankful for it. As you probably read in previous posts, I was pretty poorly throughout Christmas and New Year, so didn't do much in the way of celebrating. When January hit and I'd spent what felt like weeks on the sofa feeling feverish, I had the blues, big time. I thoroughly felt like I'd missed out, particularly on New Year, which I'd not even acknowledged. So I was so pleased that I had my birthday to look forward to. Gareth and I had planned a few nights in a small village in Wales. To be honest, we hadn't been bothered where we were going, we just wanted to get away from everything. We wanted a quiet little escape where we could just spend some time with each other, relaxing, and away from our every day stresses.
My birthday was on a Wednesday, I woke up to Gareth cooking bacon and an Olivia Burton watch I've been lusting after for so long, but had not really had the spare money to buy for myself.  I spent the day hanging out at home, opening presents and eating too much cake. In the evening I went for a little meal with my bestie, with a healthy side of much prosecco.

On the Thursday we set off to Wales, where we'd booked 3 nights at 'The Luxury Garden Suite' in Rhuddlan. It was a beautiful little suite, so cute and cosy and exactly what we needed. It had a private and secure garden (which was good as we'd brought the pooch with us) complete with hot tub. It was exactly the break we needed. There were plenty of little walks around, the village it's self was quite small but had everything you could need.
On the Saturday we took a drive out to Mold, hoping to walk up Moel Famau. The further in to the hills we got, the more we realised this was going to be impossible. The snow was coming down thick and fast, but we tried to get there regardless. We were literally 5 minutes away and all that stood between us was a hilly, windy, narrow country road, covered in snow. I've got to hand it to Gareth, he attempted it, which is more than I would have dared do. But the wheels were just spinning and we almost got stuck a few times. So we admitted defeat and turned back around. Instead we went to a nearby country park, Loggerheads, which was far easier to access.We climbed up to the top, giving us beautiful views of the wintery landscape around us, and we spent a good part of the afternoon just walking around in the snow. Thank god for bobble hats and woolly jumpers. Honestly, I didn't even mind the cold at all, the snow looked so beautiful and it felt so refreshing. All three of us, Gareth, the dog and I, were completely drenched and quite muddy by the end of it. We stopped in a nearby pub for a pot of tea and some hot lunch. It was so cosy sitting inside looking out at the snow.
We spent the evenings with champagne/wine/Baileys and pizza/curry, binging on Netflix, playing board games and going wrinkly in the hot tub. That hot tub, oh my gosh. It may have been freezing outside, but it was sure damn relaxing in there. We just felt so relaxed for the whole trip and completely switched off. It was exactly what we had been needing, a bit of a refresh. Although we did agree, when Gareth's birthday roles around in August, we're going somewhere hot!


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