Wish List | Nightwear

1. Harry Potter Night Shirt - Primark  | 2. Night Shirt - H&M | 3. Shirt and Shorts Set - H&M |
 4. Duvet Day Set - ASOS | 5. Polar Bear Set - George at Asda | 6. Grey Slipper Socks - New Look
7. White Waffle Dressing Gown - New Look | 8. Bunny Ear Slippers - New Look | 
9. Gingerbread Man Socks - New Look | 10. Harry Potter Set - Primark | 
11. Reindeer Socks - F&F at Tesco | 12. Reindeer Twosie - F&F at Tesco | 
13. Check Night Shirt - Primark | 14. Elf Night Shirt - Primark | Check Shorts - Primark

With autumn officially here, and winter just around the corner, it's officially pitch black (and therefore in my eyes, night time) by the time I'm finishing work. All I can think about on the drive home is getting my pyjamas on and settling down on the sofa with a steamy cup of tea. Maybe sometimes I might just pop on a Christmas movie, it's November, don't judge me!

This time of year is definitely the time where I re-evaluate my PJ drawer and give it a refresh. Not only do I love to buy pyjamas, my mum always gets me a few nightwear bits and pieces for Christmas. So with today being the 1st of November, it only seemed appropriate to put together a wish list of nightwear that will see me right on these cold, wintery nights.

I started off with a few pieces that weren't too wintery looking and that would be wearable all year round. I love a good night shirt paired with knee high chunky knit socks, and I'm seriously in love with the shirt and shorts set from H&M, it looks so casual and comfy.
I also love a good twosie, it has all the cuteness of a onesie without the impracticality when it comes to needing a wee. I particularly love the Reindeer one from F&F and have actually already ordered it along with the reindeer socks, ready to spend Christmas day lazing around the house in.
Also, yes I am aware there are two Harry Potter items in this wish list, yes I do want both of them, and no I don't care that I'm almost 25 years old and still obsessed. I've actually been listening to the audio books while on the treadmill at the gym recently. I'm not at all ashamed.

Anyway, I loooove night wear, and cannot purchase enough of it at this time of year. I honestly want (and a little part of me needs) every single item on this list. I think if my Pyjama draw looked like this, I'd be perfectly content. I mean, at this time of year, who needs appropriate clothes for the outside world anyway? I won't be going out there very much, no thank you. I'll be hibernating in all my new and lovely PJ's :).

- Adel xx


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