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Today's post is all about my every day make up base. This is my go to base routine when I'm either just rushing to get ready for an early shift at work, or just don't have much interesting planned for through the day. Which at the moment, with this appalling weather making me want to stay in my pyjamas, is most of the time.

My first step, after my the usual cleansing and moisturising (check out my morning skin care routine here), is to prime. At the minute I'm really enjoying the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer. I can't say I've ever bought a primer, used it all up, and thought it was so amazing that I needed to repurchase it. But then this little understated tube of product came in to my life, and I actually have made a repurchase! It's not the most incredible primer ever, I don't notice any difference at all to the visibility of my enormous pores, and the packaging isn't anything to shout about. But I can let that slide for just an every day primer because this stuff genuinely increases the longevity of my make up in a way that seriously impressed me. Incase I haven't mentioned it enough on this blog, I have oily skin. As the day goes on, my skin just gets oilier and oilier and make up slides off my face never to be seen again. I used to get home from a shift at work (where the heating is always on full blast) and look in the mirror in the hall and grimace. What little make up was left on my face would look patchy and shiny and just generally a bit gross. But alas, I discovered this primer. And now I get home from work, make up still intact despite the fact I've not touched up at all. I won't go as far to say my make up looks as fresh as it did when I first applied it, that would be a lie. But I find it so difficult to get make up to stay on my oil slick of a face, that fact that I still look made up when I walk back in to the house is a bit of a miracle in it's self. The product it's self is a white, kind of creamy consistency. I just dot it around my face, pat in and then leave for a few minutes before moving on.

Next up is the Revlon Photoready BB Cream. This is a recent new love of mine. I love my full coverage foundations, but I got so fed up of applying a heavy foundation on a daily basis, especially now my skin is getting drier with the weather. I generally find myself busy 7 days a week and hardly ever get the opportunity for a no make up day, so I decided I needed to switch to something much lighter and bit more friendlier to my skin. I used to love the Maxfactor CC cream and often used that on a daily basis but I couldn't find it in stock online and a quick search on Boots told me it wasn't in stock in any of my local stores either. I don't know if I'm missing something here and this has been discontinued? If you know anything leave me a comment below. But anyway, I decided to try the Revlon Photoready BB Cream. I've tried quite a lot of BB and CC creams in the past and really, really disliked the formulation of a lot of them, so I wasn't expecting much from this if I'm honest. But actually, I love it. The first day I tried it I walked in to work and both my colleagues told me I was looking fresh and that my skin looked nice. I was pretty thrilled with that, but then I thought 'well I must just look shit usually then'. Haha, no, I know that's not what they meant. But still, you have to wonder weather your usually foundation is working for you anymore. Anyway, I've been using this every day since. It's not amazing coverage, but this is coming from the girl who is used to a good full coverage foundation. I have a bit of hyper-pigmentation around my nose and this doesn't cover that, but it nicely evens out the rest of my face, and just creates that 'your skin but better' look. I find that because it is quite moisturising (although not as much as other's I've used) it does tend to slip on my oily skin but this is nothing a combination of the aforementioned primer and a bit of powder can't sort out. I find it blends really nicely, especially with a beauty blender, and the colour match is perfect for me.

Next up is concealer, and no one will be surprised to see this little guy here, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I, like most of the blogging world, love this concealer. I've been using it for as long as I can remember, and while I have a few high end concealers in my beauty drawers, this is the one I reach for on a daily basis. I could not be without it, no, I just couldn't. Categorically no. Every time I'm in Boots or Superdrug, or even when I'm at the local supermarket doing a food shop, I will pick one of these up. I keep one in my drawers and one in my handbag. The coverage and longevity of this is so good, especially when you take in to consideration the price, you really can't go wrong.

The final step is powder. For the millionth time in this post I'm going to say... my skin is oily. Yes it's oily oily oily, how many times can I say 'oily' in one post? But this means that going without powder is an absolute no no for me. I mean I sometimes do, and on those days I will look in a mirror an hour later and, far from being the fairest, I'll be the shiniest of them all. So powder is a must. For my every day powder I've been using the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, which again I'm pretty sure is quite the raved about product. I get this in transparent so it adds no colour to my face, and I tend to gently pat it on with a brush, focusing on the areas that I know get oily (sorry) quickly. What else is there to say about this powder? Other than it does it's job and keeps me matte'd down for way longer than I would be without it.

So that's that, a little round up of my every day base products. I may potentially do a similar style post but for more of an evening look, if anyone would be interested?

Thanks for reading guys :)

- Adel xx


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