Homeware Haul | The Copper Effect

For a long time now, my living room has been adorned with various metal copper toned lanterns and photo frames and other such trinkets. But things have gotten a little out of hand recently. 

My parents came for a visit at the weekend and we did a little shopping. My mum wanted to call in to Home Bargains for something so I popped in with her. It's not a store I usually go in, and I can't really say I've paid it any attention or even noticed the one on my local high street. As soon as we walked in, a particular display caught my eye. Copper tones, every where! Like a magpie, I rushed right over, immediately impressed with the selection. They had jars, candle holders, vases clocks, kitchen roll holders, fruit baskets, even a bread bin (which I'm now regretting not picking up). I started throwing (placing things carefully) in to a basket like a woman possessed. My mum did little to stop the madness, and rather encouraged me to get the bread bin as well. I'm now wishing I'd have listened to her, mums always know best! When we finally managed to get to the till, after spending way too long choosing a christmas toy and jumper for my dog, I looked at my basket full of copper-ness with that familiar pang of guilt at how much all this was going to cost me. 
"That's £16.43 then please." Said the man behind the till.
Well blow me down with a feather! It's not often I get a pleasant surprise like that at a till.

So for that pretty little sum I picked up:
  • 3 square glass jars - which I'll most likely use for tea/coffee/sugar.
  • 1 round medium glass jar - which I'll probably use in the bathroom to keep my bath bombs etc in.
  • 1 round large glass jar - possibly going to put fairy lights and baubles in this for Christmas, not sure which room yet.
  • 1 vase - probably going to put this in the living room
  • Set of 3 candle holder - which is now currently sat in the middle of my coffee table, candles glowing, looking very lovely indeed.
I'm so, so pleased with my little haul. 6 really nice items for just over £16 is incredible value. Yeah the copper effect on the lids of the jars is probably going to get scratched and they won't last forever. But at that price, I'm really not complaining. And after all these years of walking blindly past it, I think I'll be tempted to have a peak in to Home Bargains a bit more often.

What do you think of my pieces? Let me know if you guys have seen the range or if you buy anything from it :).

- Adel xx


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