Skin Care | My Night Time Routine

Hello everyone! 

So following on from my last post all about my morning skin care routine, here's my night time skin care situation.
Again, I'm just going to point out I'm no expert at all, but after much trial and error I've managed to find a group of products that are currently working for me and my sensitive skin.

I start off with a double cleanse. Firstly using the Nivea 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water for sensitive skin. I've only been using this for around a month but I love it. I've tried countless other micellar waters for removing make up, and as much as I love the All Bright Micellar Water from Botanics, I think this is my new favourite. It just completely removes all my make up and my skin feels amazing after using it. My skin is quite oily and I have large pores so by the end of the day I just feel gross and greasy and can't wait to remove my make up. This Micellar water just gets rid of that feeling completely and I feel so fresh and I feel like if my skin felt emotions it would feel very happy and relieved after this.
I then use the Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion, which featured in my morning skin care routine. Just to cleanse my actual skin after the removal of my make up.

The next step in my routine is to exfoliate. Currently I'm using the Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 although I often swap between this and the Pixi Glow Tonic which I've currently run out of. Now, I have had so much trouble with this clarifying lotion in the past, and my first experience of using it was actually a complete nightmare. But I've actually learned how to make it work for me, by using just a very small amount in the evening this really does clear out my pores and has completely abolished the community of black heads that used to live on my nose. It is however, quite strong for my sensitive skin, so I use it sparingly. 

Another way reason I've managed to make the Clarifying Lotion work for me is thanks to the next step in my routine. I love to use the Simple Soothing Facial Toner all over my face. I feel like it really helps my skin calm down after exfoliating and it just feels like it freshens everything back up. I go through this stuff like nothing else, I always keep a spare in my drawer and my sensitive skin just loves the stuff.

I then move on to eye cream. Eye cream seems to be the one product I can never settle on, and just when I think I've found a BFFL it seems to stop working as well as it did for me, and the search continues. I recently purchased the Eucerin Hyaluron Filler eye cream seems to be working really well, although I guess only time will tell. My main concern with my eyes is that I seem to have more fine lines and wrinkles appearing than I would like at the age of 24. My mum says it's because I smile too much but jeez, what a price to pay eh? I've been using this for around a month now and I would say there's been a definite improvement and my usual concealer doesn't seem to be bunching up in to as many fine lines as it used to. I love how quickly this soaks in and it doesn't irritate my eyes either so, hopefully I'll keep seeing results with this one!

The final step in my routine is a night cream. I've been loving Youth Code Night Cream by L'oreal Paris for quite a long time now. It feels so smooth and silky to apply, smells fresh and sinks in quite quickly. As I've mentioned before, I'm quite an oily skinned person so I find a lot of night creams to be too thick and rice for me, but this one seems to balance me out just right and I wake up with plump and nicely hydrated skin, rather than an oily mess. I genuinely feel like this cream has contributed to making my skin look much more even toned and brighter too.

So there you go, quite easy and simple night time skin routine. I'd love to hear any product recommendations any of you guys have. Or if you think I'm missing something out of my routine then let me know, I'm always eager to try now things (that work, hopefully).

Ciao for now!

- Adel xx


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