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Hi guys!

Let me first off start by apologising that this post is a lot later than I intended. All I can really offer you is a sheepish grin, sorry. But never mind! Here we are, with a little tour around my new(ish) bedroom. 
When we moved house I wanted to focus on getting the living room and bedroom done first. Those are the rooms we spend the most time in and the rooms I felt really passionately about putting our own personal stamp on.

I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to create and the colour scheme I wanted to go for, thanks to the many, many, hours I spent on Pinterest. However, having just purchased an entire house, we were on a very tight budget. 

As you can probably tell, we went for a base colour of white. I just love white in a bedroom, it's easy to work with, and it means I can change the accent colours around it to give the room a different look without having to make any big or expensive changes. I went with grey and duck egg to compliment the white and give the room a really light and fresh feeling. I love a bedroom to be somewhere I can go to relax and clear my head. And this room certainly does that for me now. Of course it's adorned with fairy lights, partly because I'm obsessed and can't stop buying them, and partly because they bring a touch of cosy-ness and magical-ness. This has to be my favourite room in the house. I love how minimal and fuss free it is. I feel like I can walk in here, take a breath and just forget about everything. 

I'd love to hear what you think :). And if you wan't to know where anything is from leave a little comment and ask. Although most of it is Ikea, H&M or Dunelm so if you try either of those 3 you're in with  good chance of finding a piece of my bedroom.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday folks, I'll be daydreaming on my bed if you need me :)

- Adel xx


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