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So finally, after so much hard work from Gareth and I, the living room is done! Here's just a little clip of the aforementioned hard work. Have you ever tried stripping wallpaper with out a steamer? I thought it was going to be a doddle, turns out, not so much!

 I am just in love with the room we've created, it's so cosy and inviting. I love lighting my candles, sticking on my fairy lights and cuddling down between the cushions and blankets on the sofa with a glass of wine and a movie. Is it sad to admit that I'm already envisaging our first Christmas here? Today might be the 1st of August (although you wouldn't be able to guess with this weather, right?), but I can't help thinking about where the Christmas tree will go. My mum says that's a good sign, that you've found your home, when you start trying to picture where to put the Christmas tree. I just love to think about where I will hang the decorations, the stockings and the twinkling Christmas lights and make this the cosiest little grotto to enjoy the cold winter nights in. Okay, I'm officially excited for Christmas. I shouldn't really be wishing away the summer, but when the weather is like this, I'm not exactly wishing away much.

Anyway, I'm rambling. What I'm trying to say is, I feel so comfortable and at ease in this room now. It truly is home. We've only ever rented in the past, so to own our first home and put our own stamp on the place is a big deal, and I'm so happy and proud with the little nest we've created for ourselves.

I'll shut up now :). Here's some pictures for your eyes:

So that's it, my little living room, where I spend my mornings drinking tea and eating jam on toast. Oh and some pics of the pooch too, because it just wouldn't be home without him.

My next post will be a bedroom tour, which will be going up on Wednesday. Hope you enjoyed this little nosy in to my lounge, and please leave a comment letting me know what you think, or with your favourite home ware (I'm always open to following new Pinterest boards on the subject). Also if you  want to know where I got anything from, feel free to ask!

- Adel xx


  1. Oh my!! It's seriously beautiful.. You've done an amazing job! Loving the copper.. Good choice of colours!


  2. Ok cutest dog ever! But I love the copper and dark wood feel of this! Props to you guys! X

    All black errythin'fun over on-


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