Homeware Wish List

Copper Origami Light Shade | Chevron Throw | Need for Tea Mug | Spade Trinket Dish
Golden Ticket Cushion | Candle holder Set | Lantern | Copperfield Desk Lamp

Living in a rented property, it can sometimes feel pretty hard to put your own stamp on the place and really make it feel like your home, rather than just a house. Home accessories are a great for really making a blank canvas have a more home-y vibe. 

Winter is (dare I say it?) pretty much over. And with giving the house a fresh, Spring clean, I always get the urge to have a bit of an overhaul. Just like in fashion, trends change in the world of home decor too. I feel like adjusting the look of my home will really freshen things up. As they say, out with old, in with the new. I'm definitely feeling the whole copper/bronze vibe at the minute. Also, how cute is the Golden Ticket Cushion? I LOVE and want everything on this wish list, but I would have to say, if I could only pick one of them to have, that cushion would have the privilege of being it! I used to love Dahl as a kid (and still do). It's a gorgeous cushion, that really wouldn't look out of place in my 'grown up' living room.

What do you guys think of my picks?

- Adel x


  1. I love that pillow! What a cute idea. I'm also loving that copper lamp, so cute!


  2. amazing post !!

    love your blog

    would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee'sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day


  3. I can really relate - I also live in a rented property and its so difficult to do what you like with restrictions, you cannot go wrong with accessories as you pick them up and take them with you.

    Loving your pics and the tones too!

    Lovely post




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