Winter Hand Care | Dr. Ceuticals Super Repair Hand Cream Review

All year round, be it winter or summer, moisturising is so important. I always find that my hands are so quick to dry out and feel pretty rough. Soap especially does not help, and the soap in the bathroom at my work is pretty harsh. Couple this with the office being consistently cold, and my hands are feeling dry, stiff and a little sore. It's not ideal.
So when I popped in to Boots, I came home with this. Dr. Ceuticals Super Repair Hand Cream (£9.99). It sounded exactly like what my hands were in desperate need of.

 The cream promises to moisturise, providing instant relief for dry, chapped hands, as well as being anti-aging and fast absorbing.
A small, bean sized amount covers both hands with a light layer. As described, it really is non greasy and absorbs really quickly in to my skin. One thing that really  bugs me about hand cream is not being able to touch anything properly for ages after applying it. With this product, my hands felt almost dry really quickly, and I was able to use my phone pretty much straight away without leaving a greasy residue on the screen. This really impressed me, the hassle has been taken out of the hand cream!
But does it work? Well, everytime I wash my hands, I apply a tiny blob of this and spread it thinly. I find it takes away that kind of stiff feeling you can get after using soap. I've then been applying on a morning or an evening, depending on how dry I feel my hands are. I've been doing this for around two weeks now and my hands are feeling so much happier. Even problem areas like my knuckles are feeling pretty darn soft. 
As for the anti-aging, I don't think I have any major worries in that area, although I imagine this cream will work to prolong that. What I would say is, my hands are much more soft and plump (plump in a good way, not a sausage fingers way). And this has definitely reduced the appearance of fine lines. 
It has a very mild fragrance, it's kind of a sweet, fruity/vanilla type smell, but nothing over powering.
At 75ml, this makes this cream a perfect hand bag size, easy to carry around and apply when needed.

Hand cream is an absolute essential for me, all year round, but even more so in the winter. I love everything about this cream. It's so easy to apply, and handy that it absorbs so quickly so you can get on with your day. The smell is light and unoffensive, and my hands are looking and feeling so much better.
I've never tried anything from Dr Ceuticals before, but I would definitely repurchase this, and I'd been keen to try some other products from Dr Ceuticals, and see if they're as effective as this.

Do your hands suffer at this time of year? Does this sound like a product you would try? What are your favourite hand creams? I'd love to hear some thoughts and opinions from you guys.

- Adel xx


  1. One thing I am really bad for is not using hand creams - I really must, especially this time of year when your skin needs that little something extra.
    This sounds like a great hand cream, I will look out for it next time I go shopping

    Gemma x

    1. Yeah it can be hard to keep remembering to add that extra step in, but it's become a habit for me now and I feel a little lost if I'm not carrying a hand cream around with me.
      This one is so practical as it dries so fast :) xx

  2. I hate it when hand creams take forever to sink in, so this one sounds great for that! My hands get sooo dry as well, so may have to give this a try!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog


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