The Indulgent Christmas Treat | Dormouse Chocolates Product Review

Chocolate is one of my favourite things, I'm a complete, self confessed, chocolate junkie. And this time of year is just the perfect excuse to indulge. Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas if chocolate wasn't involved right?
Recently, I was lucky enough for my local chocolatier, the lovely Isobel at Dormouse Chocolates, to send me over a box of truffles, and boy did I enjoy them!

These truffles are absolutely divine and the flavours are just incredible.
First up I tried the Pear and Apple Crumble. The chocolate shell cracks open to reveal such a creamy and smooth centre, which genuinely tastes like one of the best pear and apple crumble's you ever had. Delicious.
The Clementine Truffle is for those dark chocolate lovers out there. This dark chocolate is rich and high quality, packing a pretty heavy punch. The Clementine flavour really compliments this and adds a bit of sweetness. And the edible glitter, well, look how pretty!
And I've saved the best til last, the Peanut Butter, Raspberry and Pretzel. Although I loved them all, this was my personal favourite.  The combination of the peanut butter, ganache and milk chocolate, creating something so indulgent and smooth, coupled with the crunchy, saltiness of the pretzel bits (although some fell off in transit and ended up in the bottom of the tray, I scooped them up and ate them). Honestly, I think I fell in love a little. This is just everything I adore in a ball of chocolate.

These are gorgeous little truffles, lovingly put together and full of flavour. There's something for everyone in the selection I tried. You can also commission your own individual truffles, based on your favourite flavours and designs. A beautiful box of gorgeous truffles would make a really lovely gift (or a treat for yourself, you've worked hard this year, you deserve it).
Oh and, remember, Chocolate isn't just for Christmas. Weddings, Birthdays, Weekends and Weekdays, we all need a little treat now and again.

Dormouse Chocolates is based in Manchester, and shipping and delivery can be arranged.
Picture via @Dormousechocs

What do you think? Do you love to indulge in some specially made truffles over Christmas time? How cute of a gift would these make for a loved one? They're absolutely, mouth wateringly, good.
- Adel xx


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